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Wouldn't it be a bummer if your period happens to arrive at that time of year when you have a holiday date, a trip, or a party you're craving for a one-night stand? And you know what? According to a rough data calculation, women spend an average of 6.25 years in their menstrual period; therefore, we may also spend a lot of time worrying about whether or not we can have sex during menstruation. There's always been a lot of discussion about period sex, some of it based on physical and sensual responses, and some from stereotypes you never noticed but quietly ingrained in.



Why worry about having sex during your period?

  •  Bloodstained, like a murder scene!

If you have sex while the blood flow is high, there may be a terrifying sight of blood stained sheets, which is still too visually stimulating for some people, and may cause dizziness or psychological fear. In addition, menstrual blood stains on the bed sheets are really difficult to clean up, which is why many people would rather endure it for a few days than deal with the troublesome follow-up.

  • The woman said: Worry about infection!

When menstruation comes, the inner wall of a woman's uterus will be more sensitive; making love during this period, in addition to the possibility of pain due to violent impact, there is also a risk of infection. Therefore, some girls feel repulsed by menstrual sex, and it is also related to worrying about infection due to uncleanness.

  • I am really not in the mood when I have menstrual pain

Although we have heard that menstrual sex can help relieve menstrual pain, if a woman's lower abdominal pain is really too intense, it is difficult to be comfortable and relaxed because of nervous tension. At this time, it should really be a good rest, not suitable for having sex.

  • Menstruation comes "forcibly" means dissatisfaction with desire?

In addition, the news media's choice of words for menstrual sex has also quietly influenced our concepts: men who "hardly fuck" women during menstruation will be criticized, and it is considered that it is a kind of sexual desire that is too strong and cannot restrain themselves. The barbaric mentality of forcing a female partner. Therefore, when your boyfriend does this to you, it seems that he is "inconsiderate" and "doesn't love you that much", and if you "want" during menstruation, it is easy to be considered too "dissatisfied with desire".

But having sex during your period is just normal sex

Therefore, because of the above-mentioned several physical sensory feelings, coupled with the exaggeration and exaggeration of the media, menstrual sex is distorted into a relatively "not so good" sexual behavior. However, the editor wants to help everyone clarify this concept: whether to have sex at this time, as long as it is in a state of mutual consent, it is just a normal one-time sex!

Therefore, it is not impossible to do it. The so-called menstrual sex is "wrong" and "barbaric". It is because there is no communication with the other half; A girl's period) is of course inconsiderate behavior.

Menstrual sex has its benefits, and of course its downsides. And just like ordinary sex, you know how to respect the wishes of both parties, and you should stop when either party is unwilling or uncomfortable; on the contrary, if you can both find new fun from it, then of course you have to continue to "excavate more" ", "Development"!

For example, if you are afraid of seeing a large amount of blood, then choose a relatively suitable location, such as having sex in the bathroom while showering, or choose the time when the menstruation is about to end, which can reduce such occurrences! If you are worried about infection and pain, then you should obediently take protective measures, increase the gentle caress of foreplay, try slow sex, and do a more intimate and perfect performance than usual!


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