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Only men are tired when making love, because he has to take the initiative, and women don't have to move? Big mistake! Women, don't be so lazy in bed, after a good sex, both parties should feel tired (but satisfied at the same time). How about trying to surprise him tonight! Don't just lie in bed and wait for him, do the following 9 things, he will definitely feel very fresh and help enhance the relationship!


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  •  Don’t forget about foreplay when making love

Women y usually don't want men to get into "drama meat" at the beginning, they want to take their time, get into the atmosphere, and cultivate emotions. In fact, as a man, if you are still reserved and shy on the bed, the man will only appear uninterested. He wants you to touch him, kiss him, and perform oral sex on him. If he feels good, it will be good for you! You, who are usually passive, suddenly become enlightened and become more active in various foreplays, which will make him even more excited.


  • Attack the part that excites him

We often encourage women to rediscover their bodies. How can careless men have time to care about the erogenous zone other than the penis? You can excavate his body instead of him, don't just serve his penis, the side of the neck, the back of the ears, the nipples, the inner thighs, and around the front waist. Can't put it down!

  • Indicate his sex skills


Many men are not careful enough. When they "take over" your body on the bed, they sometimes act like blind flies. At this time, as long as you give him instructions, even order him, and urge his sex skills, he will be very excited! Remember, sex is about pleasing each other, if you like how he does it, let him know as much as possible! If you don't want to speak, just slowly lead his hands or head to the position you want... In short, women really don't need to be shy in bed. If a man follows his instructions and makes you happier in bed, he will be more confident and willing to spend more time with you in the future...


  • Using sex toys


Sex toys can add fun to the sexual relationship and let you know each other's preferences. Times are changing, sex toys or masturbation devices are no longer something to be ashamed of, but instead allow you to explore your body, understand your real needs, and make your relationship with your partner closer


  • Turn off silent mode


Some girls are very depressed during sex, which is usually reflected in their voices. They are obviously enjoying themselves, but they lock their throats tightly and do not make a sound. In fact, women's heavy breathing, moaning, and moaning are all men's aphrodisiac music. Of course, it is not acceptable for every man to be too hoarse, but it is better than being silent. And if you are not a person who is ashamed to speak, I also suggest you try dirty talk to bring the atmosphere, but talking is talking, don't gossip, it will greatly reduce the interest of men (and yourself), so if you are born too " Talkative", just concentrate on moaning.


  • Get dressed for sex

Have you changed into comfortable but not pretty pajamas after bathing and before going to bed? And that's when you usually make love? Remember, formality and dullness are taboos in making love. If you want to maximize the benefits of sex, the freshness cannot be ignored. Occasionally put on the clothes you usually go to the street, or your uniform for work, or just wear stockings and bras to have sex, to make something new, and men may be more excited. Taking off is also an important process, and it doesn't even have to take off all the clothes, but it can feel more exciting.


  • Show a different philosophy of sex

Sex can be presented in different ways. You can show him your own set of sex philosophies. For example, if you have the habit of using sex toys, you don’t have to wait until there is no one at home to masturbate. When you are playing with sex toys, it is a very hot foreplay. First you use it, and then ask him for help, let him see a you that he has never seen before, there must be surprises.


  • It is recommended to change the venue

Take him to a new place! Every time I do it on the bed, it's boring and the posture is very limited. Telling him that I want to have sex in the kitchen, bathroom, or desk will make him feel novel! If there is not enough space in your home, you can actually have another scene in the closet, beside the window, or behind the door!


  • Change your identity


Finally, in fact, having sex with the same person, regardless of gender, will always feel boring. So some men close their eyes when they make love, imagining that the other half is a different sexual fantasy object. It is recommended that you take the initiative to propose sex methods such as changing clothes and role-playing, so that both parties forget their true identities, which will greatly increase the man's interest.

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