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You may have learned the 18 postures of sex positions, but how much do you know about the foreplay of sex? In addition to caressing a woman's chest a few times, do you know what sensitive zones women have that can increase sexual desire? Let's learn and apply what I have learned tonight, so that she can turn on the engine of lust earlier and reach the orgasm together!


  • The sensitive belt of sexual desire can be opened without taking off the clothes - the ears

In fact, there are many nerve endings concentrated in the ears, which are very sensitive. As long as you use the right method to stimulate the ears during foreplay during sex, even if she is not undressed, her feet will already be soft and panting.

Ear Stimulation For Foreplay

First of all, many people know that the ears need to be stimulated, but they often kiss their ears vigorously. For girls, this is not the most enjoyable feeling of foreplay. On the contrary, you have to know "luck". During the kiss, move to the side of the ear, and Bu Ping breathes lightly, or whispers in the ear. Those sounds and breaths can make her feel numb.

If you go further, you have to spend time on her ear sockets, light kisses and light licks will always work, but pay attention to dry up the saliva, it will not be comfortable if it is too wet, gently stimulate along the ear sockets, and breathe, Guarantee that her feet are so weak that she takes off your clothes on her own initiative.



  • Hidden sensitive zone - nape of the neck

When many people make love, they only focus on the front of the body, caressing the chest continuously, and then concentrate on the genitals and then formally insert it immediately. It is not bad, but there are still many erogenous zones waiting for you to discover in the human body, such as girls The sensitive zone that is often hidden by long hair - the nape of the neck! In fact, the back of the neck and the ears can easily make girls feel numb and feet soft!

Neck Stimulation Method for Foreplay

Many times everyone will kiss the neck during sex, but most of the time it is just the "must pass" before attacking the chest, and it is completed in a hurry. But you can try it. When everyone is standing and hugging, you slowly turn the girl's back to face you. You can attack from the ears, and then swim to the back of the neck. The same use of light kisses and licks, together with some breaths, and a little work on the back of the neck can make her want to die. If after stimulating the back of the neck for a period of time, then caress her chest with both hands, I believe she will Immediately can't stand it!



  • The number one sexual desire sensitive zone - chest

Of course, men are full of irresolvable desires for women's breasts, and their female partners may have rubbed them crazily without taking off their clothes or bra. But is such a girl really comfortable? The answer is not necessarily, everyone may be very involved in the atmosphere, but a girl's chest has a lot of nerves, and gentle caressing can actually make her more sexually interested.


Breast caress method for foreplay

Men should fully cover the entire chest with both hands, instead of squeezing like a sponge, touch gently, you can gently press and caress from the edge first, that kind of touch is actually more unbearable for women, and you need your help caress. Then all you have to do is gently caress the breasts and quickly and gently tease the nipples.

Breast caress method for foreplay

Remember not to focus on sucking the nipples, your tongue and lips can actually kiss and lick slowly around the nipples, slowly narrowing towards the nipples, and gradually increase her expectations for him to kiss the nipples, When she felt the most unbearable, she concentrated on attacking her nipples. In this way, she would definitely die.



  • Sensitive zone of libido that must be tried before aggressively attacking - inner thigh

When walking to the lower body of a woman, many people will immediately start with Kato Taka, and immediately use their fingers to help the girl perform fingering, but before that, you can add a little more force, because the sensitive place of girls is not only in the genitals, but also in the thighs The area around the inner pussy is also very sensitive. As long as you stimulate near the inner thigh before caressing the pussy, it will make her feel more anticipation and slowly stir up her desire for you to attack the pussy. The feeling of lust will actually be stronger.

Inner Thigh Caress for Foreplay


You can use your hands to touch and caress the inner thighs slowly, take the genitals as the center, and move closer to the genitals in circles. You can use your hands, mouth or tongue. The most important thing is to create a feeling of slowly attacking the central genitals until you see When girls can't help but keep twisting their waists, you'll know it's time.


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