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Women feel safe and willing to entrust their bodies to their partners. In terms of sexual psychology, women are only willing to commit their bodies to their partners when they feel secure and trusted. Some research shows that about 48 percent of women do not want to have sex at the beginning. But 80 per cent of women end up intoxicated by their partner's tenderness.

Men, on the other hand, get a sense of accomplishment from pleasing women, and the thrill of conquest comes when they gallop. Of course, if a man's desire is aroused, he will also be happy to receive foreplay initiated by a woman.

And how does foreplay work?

● Launch a gentle offensive

We might as well take the bodies of men and women as instruments. When men play the bodies of women, please gently twist and knead them slowly and gently. Women need emotional and spiritual double caress and teasing to provoke erotic, so please men slow down, hand and mouth, kiss and caress her body, from the farthest limb to the breast, breast and clitoris and other key parts slowly approach.

● I never get tired of kissing him/her a thousand times

Kissing is the most common foreplay. Both sexes need their partners to actively and gently explore their bodies. In addition to kissing the lips and tongue, earlobes, neck, back, nipples, perineum, clitoris and other sensitive parts known to most people, men can also kiss the fingers, toes, armpits, inner thighs, elbows and inner knees. Can provoke different reactions from female partners; A woman can do the same for a man and explore his body.

● Speak and act

At this intimate moment, do not keep your hands idle. The "fingering" technique, such as gently stroking with your finger belly, spinning with your fingertips, and gently pressing with your fingers, can be applied to every conceivable and untapped sensitive zone. Meanwhile, don't forget that a hug is one of the simplest forms of intimacy that can make a man's hair stand on end and his heart beat faster. At the same time, the woman can explore the man's nether regions, take the initiative to grab the man's hand, and guide his hand to your vagina, he will certainly be flattered.

● Let your sexual fantasies run wild

Girls can use masturbation to explore their sensitive zone, because you can have no limits at this time, if you want to ask a male god to be the virtual hero, why not? And it turns out that the brain is the most important sex organ, because orgasm comes from psychological feelings as well as physical reactions, but the virtual male protagonist better be unattainable. If you're fantasizing about a bestie boyfriend, that's mental cheating!

● Take the time to stop foreplay

When should you stop foreplay? From the girls biting their lips, waving their hands, twisting their bodies, pulling in their legs and genitals, panting, and secreting love fluid, we can see that this is the time to stop foreplay and get down to business. This moment of enjoyment is worth its weight in gold.

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