Sex Machine For Women

During sex, some men often want to skip the foreplay and go straight to the point, not knowing that this will not only affect the quality of the sex, but also make women suspicious and resistant, and even refuse sex. Foreplay is the key to a woman's sexual bliss, according to a recent article in Men's Health.

Here are some foreplay techniques every man should learn as a thoughtful gift for his partner.

1. Massage and warm up. This is a warm-up for foreplay that many women enjoy. Start by massaging your partner's legs, working up from her thighs to her ankles, then focus on her feet, kneading her heels and stretching her toes one by one. If her feet are clean and attractive, you can also lick her toes, which will give her great pleasure.

2. Ask her what she loves. Be bold and direct and ask your partner what she wants during sex. "Most women appreciate a man who is willing to give them satisfaction," said Dr. Barbara Bartlick, a professor of biophysics at Cornell University. If a woman feels that a man is trying to make her feel sexual pleasure, she will return the favor."

3. Be committed. Michael Perry, an Encino, Calif.-based sex therapist, says women will notice when a man is merely fiddling with foreplay before getting down to business. For this reason, a man should be seriously engaged during foreplay: If you want to know how her legs feel, caress them gently; If you're attracted to her hips, kiss them too. Michael Perry said: 'When a man really gets into the foreplay, it's a good way to get her involved.'

4. Use kisses wisely. Sex experts say women get a great deal of sexual satisfaction from a passionate kiss. Especially if you find your partner has lost interest in a romantic affair, kissing is the best way to get her back. Remember, a big kiss doesn't always mean a big kiss, so try kissing the tip of her nose, eyes and forehead with your mouth closed.

5. Do sex push-ups. The flirtation of a man in a push-up position with a woman diving under him is a great opportunity to show off his strong abs. According to sex therapist Michael Perry, the movement can cause women to blush, but also to feel the strength and sexuality of a strong man.

6. Stimulate the clitoris correctly. The clitoris is the part of the body that men should focus their attention on during foreplay, but many men fail to learn the correct way to stimulate it. Experts say that direct clitoral stimulation can be painful for women, but it is better to gently caressing the side of the clitoris and wait until the woman is in the mood to focus on stimulating the clitoris.

7. Don't neglect your labia. Full of nerve endings, the labia is an important part of foreplay, but it's often overlooked. You can rub it with all your fingers to stimulate it.

8. Reward her for taking initiative. When a woman initiates sex, a man must make an extra effort to make her more sexually satisfied and let her know how much you appreciate her behavior. Tell her you like it when she initiates sex.

9. Read erotic novels. An occasional erotic joke can set the mood. To make it even more effective, find an erotic novel and read it aloud to her. The plot of the novel, coupled with a rich imagination, is sure to fuel your sex life.

10. Give her "olfactory" stimulation. About a third of women found men with strong odors sexier than those with weak odors, with musky being the most preferred odour. Men can before sex, specially choose musk smell shower gel, etc. Men who eat sweet flavored gum before sex can also help boost their libido

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