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We've talked and talked about the G-spot because it's such a fascinating little spot. The G-spot seems to be one of the pathways to orgasm, and many men and women would be willing to practice looking for it over and over again.
In my clinical experience, more than A few of my friends have resorted to "porn teachers" to mimic their partner's pleasurable orgasm in private. As for the results? It should vary from person to person.

According to my feedback from individual cases, about 70% of men have tried to find a woman's G-spot; And 50 percent of the men have tried to make women orgasm by imitating Japanese porn star Kato Kato's "golden finger" technique. (Hand-taught by Kato Eagle, the absolute climax of your caress secret)

If you know your own sensitive zone and guide your partner to turn on the G-spot, you'll probably have more orgasms with each other!


What is the G-spot? Does every woman have one?

The full name of the G-spot, Grafenburg spot, was first proposed by a German obstetrician in 1950. She found an erogenous zone in the vagina, similar to a gland in a man's prostate, that becomes swollen with blood when excited.

Studies supporting the G-spot's existence suggest that it is located on the upper wall of the front of the vagina, about 3 to 5 centimeters from the entrance. But not every woman's vagina can feel this area, some women have more developed prostate glands, others are not obvious or even absent, depending on the person.

How to find the G-spot? Enjoyment is the pleasure of love

Honey, fingertips are definitely the key to creating pleasure. If you want to experience your own orgasm, be sure to trust your nimble fingers! Follow the teacher to learn the way to love yourself freely!

  1. Grease your fingers. (Pay attention to whether the nails are too long to avoid accidentally scratching the vaginal wall)
  2. The index finger and middle finger together, slowly extend into the vagina, in the front wall of the vagina upward about 3~5 cm bend the finger to do "come" action. (About the belly button)
  3. To use the finger in the way of "press" step by step massage, force from light to heavy, focus on feeling whether there is a sense of excitement.
  4. The G-spot will become swollen with blood from stimulation, and if it's in the right spot, it will feel wetter.
  5. When some women reach G-spot orgasm, the urethral opening will flow or shoot liquid, which is the "female ejaculation" phenomenon, and the degree of excitement is the most intense at this time.
  6. If you're not comfortable exploring with your own fingers, try a G-spot massage stick to aid the experience.

Girls, relax and practice a few times, follow the small steps provided by the teacher, and believe that everyone can find the most comfortable way to love themselves!

In addition, by having an intimate conversation with your body, you will be able to guide your partner more intimately and make sex more enjoyable than ever before.


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