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Foreplay is an essential part of arousal, however, without the right technique, it's all in vain! What's the best way to make a girl feel comfortable? Let's listen to what the professional teacher says!

In addition to understanding their sexual troubles, I found that 60% of the people are not very good at initiating a woman's lust, think that only the penis can make a woman happy, foreplay is usually according to the table exercise class, kissing → breast touch → into the vagina, focus on the "thrusting movement", as long as thrusting for a long time will make a woman orgasm, but is this really the case?

In fact, it is not difficult to let a woman orgasm, first learn how to wake her up, try the following five sensual massage techniques for private places, you will let her melt in your hands!

1. Caress your pubic hair to stimulate the hair follicles

Alternately, move the pubic hair from bottom to top with both hands, gently pulling the hair (so that the skin with the follicles is pulled up in a flexible way), being careful not to push too hard. Then draw a circle on the pubic hair just above the pubic bone to give her a taste of tickle.

2. Massage your labia with a tiger mouth

Open the jaws of both hands, push the big and small labia, the rhythm is once a second, push, relax, push, relax, repeat the cycle of massage her.

3. Z-massage

The four fingers are together, gently from the perineum up to the pubic bone direction, Z-shaped massage, first from the bottom up, then from the top down, the force gradually increases gently, from slow to fast, and finally like a "vibration" way, up and down.

4. Knead the small tacca strips

With the thumb and index finger to the abdomen, knead the labia minora together, up and down knead back and forth, so that her comfortable feeling double.

5. Sliding ridge method

Using her index finger and middle finger to slide back and forth on the ridge of the labia minora, from slow to fast, this move is a warm-up before attacking the clitoris and makes her feel more euphoric than ever before. The wetness of the vagina at this time is to give you the best erotic feedback.

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