Fast Fucking Machine

You know what? According to psychotherapists, when we have sex in hotels, the brain produces the "happy substance" dopamine, which makes you feel particularly high. Just, why is it like a complete change of mood when you just go to the hotel in the next city or even on the street? You may have been tired of looking at your partner, but suddenly you feel like he has become very sexy? Let's find out what the secret of mo-iron sex is!

1. The anticipation of a fling

Hotels are often designed to have ornate sensory effects; It creates the atmosphere of the dim light, comfortable smell and expensive bedsheets, especially a comfortable bed, all these elaborate decoration gently fill your features of a enjoyment, but also let you open make want to indulge and luxurious mood. At this point, look at your partner, he can't wait to take you down!

2. It helps you organize your life

According to psychotherapist analysis, sexual desire must be produced in the absence of anxiety, stress state under the premise. The hotel environment serves as a temporary space for you to stay in. It doesn't require you to clean, there are no pictures of the kids, bills to pay, books to read, or alarm clocks to wake you up for work the next day. It allows you to completely relax and commit yourself to this relaxing and lazy space!

3. You don't have to go too far

Best of all, you don't need to arrange a special vacation or bother to review and rebook a room. It is not difficult to find a suitable hotel on a city street or on a deserted road easily accessible by car! Occasionally on the spur of the moment want to invite him to a room, the hotel is readily available, let your "sex" will not be cold!

A little different excitement from time to time will spice up your sex life! All the postures, all the bedside fun, you run out of tricks? Try packing a pair of sexy lingerie, hook his hand, and head down the alley for a date at the hotel.

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