Have you spent so much time with your partner that you're losing some of the little intimate things in your life? Although, we all say that the old couple will not care about these, but you should try, before work more than a kiss, sweet talk before bedtime or usually natural intimate physical contact and so on, this for each other's flat relationship, will have unexpected harvest oh!

Sex is a mixture of feelings and also a part of life, of course, the maintenance of feelings can not only be based on making love, when each other has the basis of feelings and trust, lust, in fact, is the best emotional thermometer, maintain good intimate interaction and make love frequency, let the interest after returning home, into a super loving life healing!

Kiss, not just before sex

Everyone has a different way of expressing erotic love, and "kisses" are the best nourishment for intimate relationships.

Shallow kiss is the starting button of sexual temptation, deep kiss is the awakening of sexual passion, kissing is attractive power, but also intimate intoxication, can touch the passionate, is a good way to tell the other person's sexual desire.

Most couples and couples change their kissing as the relationship progresses. Some people think of kissing as a prelude to sex, which makes it all too purposeful. When "kissing" equals "making love", it will cause the feeling of happy kissing to fade away.

Kisses are not just on the mouth, such as the neck, shoulders, ears, back have the warm feeling of a kiss, and can ignite sex quickly, even more than the nipple effect! This kind of kiss is addictive and can sustain a woman's desire to kiss; The same is true for men, but because male friends need greater sexual pleasure in order to have a stronger erectile response, some male friends also prefer genital kisses.

Whether it's a peck on the cheek on the way to work, a passionate French kiss, or a kiss of trust while your partner is asleep, these are all important ways to keep the passion alive between two people! So don't start kissing just before sex. Try to treat kissing as a snack in your life, not a meal. Tease the taste of kissing and keep it warm! Keep kissing, Keep loving.

Flirt! Love is the best health

Flirting is one of the basic emotional communication methods, only partners can explore the endless physical fire each other; Skin to skin is a happy time, the touch of the fingertips and touch can open up the sensual sensitiveness. Therefore, the biggest sexy zone of flirting, is to face every inch of the skin when the heart.

Although seriously talking about, chest and pubic area are the most obvious sensitive belt, but in fact, caressing side waist and palm can also be as strong as exploring chest and pubic area!

There is no good or bad way to flirt, as long as you know how to catch the other person's taste, comfort is the most important! Caressing is to build mutual trust and emotional investment, can also reduce the pressure of life, with passion to find a way to relax.

Whether it's flirting, sweet talk, physical touching, humorous talk, etc., flirting is a two-way emotional and sexual exchange. Don't only do this during sex, make flirting a direct sexual cue!

I often tell cases that flirting can be done in the kitchen, the living room, the car, in front of the washing machine, on the balcony, in the bathroom, etc. For example, walking up to your partner to give them a gentle spanking while they're doing the dishes, sneaking around on your thighs while you're watching TV in the living room, lying on the side of the driver's seat in the car, cuddling around his waist and whispering in his ear while he's doing the laundry, etc. These are the most important little things to keep intimate in a busy life, and the best emotional health between two people.

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