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For those unfamiliar, a vorarephilia(also called vore for short) refers to a sexual interest that revolves around consuming or being consumed by other people or creatures. There's very little research on this topic, except for one I wrote about here, which suggests that for people who have these fantasies, they usually start in adolescence. They also tend to have quite a few ELEMENTS of BDSM, particularly the dominance of obedience and sadism.

In terms of its popularity, I'm not aware of any studies that specifically try to find out how many people have ever had greedy fantasies. However, in a survey I conducted of 4,175 Americans on their sexual fantasies for my book Tell Me What You Want, I looked back to see how many said eating was their favorite fantasy all the time.

I found that only 10 people described their favorite fantasy as "insectivorous" or "insectivorous." In other words, about 0.2 percent of my participants explicitly described a fantasy in these ways, making it quite rare compared to other types of fantasies.

Unfortunately, I didn't explicitly ask participants if they had fantasies about consuming or being consumed by others, so it's likely (and likely) that more people did, even if it wasn't their favorite fantasy. Even so, I think the number is still relatively low, because in general, rarely appears in the participants' favorite fantasy fantasy is often only a few people ever fantasy thing - on the contrary, the more people described the illusion of a given as their favorite, the more people report fantasize about it.

For example, when you look at some fantasies that resemble necrophilia (that is, having sex with a dead body), only one participant described it as their favorite fantasy ever, and less than 0.5 percent of participants said they had ever had one (the rarest fantasy in my survey). By contrast, about a third of participants described their favorite fantasy as group sex, and more than 90 percent had fantasized about group sex before (it was the most common fantasy in my survey).

Speaking of which, what was Vorarephilia's fantasy? Here are some examples from my survey participants who called them their favorite fantasies:

"I have this recurring fantasy that my current boyfriend (he weighs 5lb) is belly crushing me under him, making me unable to move or fight back (must be some power play), telling me I look delicious, or some other carnivorous conversation. Sometimes it licks my face when I'm pressed to "taste" me. I'm a glutton, so the thought of being swallowed whole by another person makes me feel horny. My boyfriend has the same hobby, so a lot of my fantasies revolve around him. Young people who identify as gay men

"I love giantess carnivores. I think a woman's mouth is sexy, especially her tongue. I know it's impossible, but if there was a virtual reality game where I could feel everything being licked by a tall, beautiful woman, I would play it in a heartbeat. It's very sexy to imagine the possibility of being with a giant woman. I can make her happy. She can suck me dry, not just my penis. I could be French kissing between two giantesses, or one eating the other. I shuttled back and forth between tongue, mouth and vagina. Or I could lie down on her soft belly. I love every inch of a woman's body, in real life and in crazy fantasy. I just want to see more of it in almost every way, for her pleasure. - Young people who identify as male and heterosexual

"My favorite and most frequent sexual fantasy is the idea that I'm being eaten by a living creature by force. Accidentally gets caught in his mouth, rolls around on his tongue, and sucks it in like candy. And then I'll be eaten alive, whole. Then they usually eat pudding or something, which makes me even more sick. After struggling in their stomachs for a while, I passed out and was digested. Young people who identify as male and bisexual

"A big dog is introduced to a cat. The cat wants to be the boss. The dog's response is to get up. Eventually, a dog has sex with a cat whose penis is about half the size of the cat's body. Later, the dog ate the cat. Young people identified as gay and asexual.

"Basically, I fantasized about being devoured by a woman -- being alive most of the time. This will be done in the same way that snakes or frogs eat. To hell with physics. After that, I fantasized that she would take my body with her for a week or so, her intestines digesting it into nutrients and gaining about 25 pounds. In the case of my love, this is obviously unrealistic. It's all foreplay. None of the girls I've been with are good at swearing, but biting, licking, and scratching will make your fantasies come true. Middle-aged people who identify as male and heterosexual

As you can see from these fantasy samples, bulimia can take many different forms. But based on the limited information I have, it seems that predominantly male people fantasize about being eaten by other people or creatures, and that there are a lot of dominant submissive themes in one scene, which is consistent with other research on the topic.

Of course, more research is needed, but the available data suggest that vorarephilia addiction may be a rather rare sexual interest; At its core, however, it may just be a unique variant of BDSM, which is a very popular sexual fantasy.

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