Whether you're an experienced expert or a beginner, there are a few things you should know about urethral sounds. Whether it's pain or pleasure, urethral percussion is a masturbation technique that can increase penis sensitivity. But have you taken the time to read it so you can safely enjoy the sound of the urethra? How do you want to hear it?This article will tell you everything you need to know to learn more about yourself and your quirks.

By learning the terminology and techniques, urethral sounds can make you feel better. Keep reading to strengthen your mind and stimulate your penis!sex machine

What is urethral percussion? Simply put, urethral probing is when you insert a rod (usually made of stainless steel) into your urethra to relieve pain or get pleasure. The urethra isn't just about pleasing men. Women can also choose to involve their own urethra, but because the urethra is small, if not handled properly, they may risk injury or infection from misusing a female urethral detector. Urethral probing is a method of personal pleasure that usually involves masturbation or foreplay. Since most men find themselves touching the frenulum during masturbation or sex, the urethral waves are actually very close to this sensation. Inserting a stick or plug into your urethra can cause extremely sensitive irritation to your penis. This helps create a strong erection and lots of fun. Or pain! It depends on you and your desires.

Adapt to urethral sound. Urethral probes come with several different tools, and you should know some key terms first. The most important thing is the voice. These are rods that are inserted into the penis and are usually smooth or textured. These usually come in sets and are available in a variety of lengths and textures. The stick, also known as a dilator, is used to stretch the urethra and penis. Second, we have a "plug," which is a short stick with a dent or bump. These sounds are hollow from beginning to end, with a different purpose than the sound.

You also need to master what lubricants are best for you. As a hint, make sure you don't use any lubricants that contain glycerin. Using lubricants containing glycerin can put you at risk of urinary tract infections. High quality lubricants, such as those made from propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl methanol and sterile water, are your best choice for vocalizations in the male urethra.

That doesn't sound like a plug. When it comes to urethral sounds and penile plugs, there are a few differences you should know. For those wondering the difference between sound and a plug, here are some key points...

The sound of the urethra. As we mentioned in the definition of urethral sounds, these bars vary from length to texture. These sticks are mainly used to insert the penis. They're made of stainless steel and you need to keep them as sterile as possible. Sometimes the sound is long enough to reach your bladder for masturbation, foreplay, or general personal pleasure. Because sound is usually smooth, you can let it in and out of your penis. For beginners looking for their first set of urethral sounds, it is recommended that you tend to buy straight or slightly curved ones. Make sure you buy a stainless steel stereo, because you don't want your penis to get hurt or infected. Never buy glass or plastic sounds.)

Penile penetration. The main purpose of plugging is to increase the enjoyment of all activities, including ejaculation and urination. The plug is hollow so that these substances can pass through the urethra. These behaviors can be enhanced by wearing plugs during intercourse and masturbation. Those who use penis plugs during sex find they have more intense orgasms when dealing with a more sensitive penis. Because piercings are hollow, you may find it more difficult to ejaculate yourself. The plug is shorter and more textured, which means it can stay inside. There are silicone beginner plugs and stainless steel plugs, so stick with them. These plugs are also a great way to start the urinary tract game. If you are not sure whether to use the full length of the penis, try using a plug first.