Splashing refers to the practice of covering the body with a mess (usually food), hence the name "wet and messy" or WAM fetish. Like many sexual behaviors or fetishes, splashing water can be something you practice at your comfort level. Whether you like to soak in a bath full of face cream or just enjoy the feel of eating the cream off your partner's skin -- consider it a splash.

The obsession with WAM goes hand in hand with bondage and dominance/submission role-playing, so if that's your thing and you haven't tried food yet, what are you waiting for? 

Flaunt what: Are you a giver or a receiver?The range of infatuation with WAM varies widely, as does the degree of love for water splashing. If you're a person who likes to be covered in all kinds of sticky filth, you like how it feels on your skin; The feeling of your hand or another body sliding over different textures can produce different sensations. A lot of people love being naked, but for some, it's how they feel when their clothes or underwear are wet and dirty. Maybe your splash pleasure is purely about being a spectator, enjoying what one's body looks like when covered in those tasty WAM substances?

What is spillover: a combination of sex and food? Yes! Sex and food are my two favorite things in the world, so for me, they'll work together like Ant and Dec. I'm not an avid spatter by any means, but the feeling of cold or hot food sliding over your skin and your partner moving down the path with their tongue is very exciting. I think most couples go through this at some point in their sex lives. If you've ever played with a can of gooey cream, or tried chocolate sauce or body painting, you've already tasted some mild splatters. If you haven't already, maybe Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to try it!

Splash: Want to play? You may be wondering what foods are a good place to start. You're only limited by your imagination. Anything can happen. Think about a food that you really like, or a texture that you particularly like. Whipped cream, custard, baked beans, ice cream, sauce, batter, jam... By now, you may be thinking about the havoc you're going to cause, but this isn't necessarily a deal breaker. When it's safe to do so, sprinkle water in the tub or shower or buy a plastic sheet, especially if you're a mess. Plus, cheap shower curtains will add fun to your diet and showers are quick and convenient.

Food is a feast for the senses anyway, but when you combine it with hot sex, you might open your heart to a new kind of pleasure. You won't know unless you try.