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It's almost intoxicating to see your partner completely lost in the ecstasy of orgasm, and to know that it's because of your handiwork! Once you've mastered this, you may want to try to take it a step further and help them achieve multiple orgasms! If you want to know how to give a woman multiple orgasms, you've come to the right place.

But, before we begin, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Find a good time to talk to your partner ahead of time. Say something like, "I love giving you orgasms. I'll try to give you more next time." "This will give them time to think and discuss their boundaries with you."
  • If they've had multiple orgasms before, ask them what they've done and try using similar techniques.
  • Your partner may not have orgasms multiple times, especially the first time you try. Don't get discouraged or disappointed. Try to focus on enjoying the intimate experience rather than turning it into an accomplishment.

How to Give Women Multiple orgasms step by step

  1. Build Arousal - The more excited your partner is, the better prepared their body will be for orgasms/multiple orgasms. Use all their senses. Instead of looking directly for their genitals, explore their entire body.
  2. After the first orgasm, they may need to rest. Don't let them stop completely, but keep them excited by touching other parts of their body.
  3. Ask your partner what kind of stimulation they want next. Some clitoris owners find their clitoris overly sensitive after the first orgasm, so you may want to try stimulating their G-spot, or they may need a lighter touch that slowly increases the intensity.
  4. Get help from your partner's favorite sex toy! This powerful alliance can be a magical combination that allows your partner to have multiple orgasms, especially if they need more intense stimulation to reach a second orgasm. And it keeps you from getting too tired! Clitoral attraction stimulators and magic wand vibrators are good choices!
  5. Pay attention to the person's body language. If they move away or make sharp breathing sounds, they may be too sensitive or need more time to rest. If they arch their back, press their genitals against you, and breathe deeply, they probably like what you're doing. But, as always, the only way is to ask!
  6. Pay attention to their orgasm cues. When they almost reach orgasm, be sure to keep it stimulated. If you slow down or relax, the orgasm may subside. You should also try not to stop immediately when they start to orgasm. Instead, stay excited unless they tell you to stop.

Don't forget to recuperate!

Be sure to spend some time with your partner. Orgasm releases a chemical in the body. After-care can help balance these extreme emotions and help them get out of this stressful state. Hugging, talking, holding hands, eating or drinking water are all great postpartum activities. This is also the best time to reflect on your experiences - what did you both enjoy and how will it be different next time?

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