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Like squirting, multiple orgasms and how to get them seem shrouded in mystery! Do they exist? Can anyone do that? If you have five orgasms at once, will the elves grant you endless wishes? Okay, I made that last one up. I can prove it. Too bad it's not true! Fortunately, multiple orgasms do exist! While not everyone can achieve multiple orgasms naturally, here are some tips and techniques for learning how to achieve multiple orgasms.

Contrary to equally popular belief, anyone,whether they have a vulva or a penis,can have multiple orgasms.In general,it's harder for people with penises,but it's by no means impossible.More on this at the end!Now we'll take a closer look at the tips and techniques needed by vulva owners and how their partners can help.

How to Achieve multiple orgasms alone

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There are a few lucky people with such skilled lovers who accidentally discover their multiple orgasmic abilities during their partner's sexual activity, but they are the exception! Hell, many vulva owners struggle to achieve a big one during sex with their partner, let alone be able to control a continuous wave of orgasms!

It's always easier to master a new skill without the pressure of others watching, even in the bedroom. Giving yourself the time and space to practice will help you relax and know how your body is reacting.

A major challenge in achieving multiple orgasms is that most vulva owners require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, but the clitoris may be overstimulated after the first orgasm. This sensitivity can make it uncomfortable and even painful to constantly stimulate your clitoris. If so, multiple orgasms are still possible, but you may need a different approach.

Tips and techniques for multiple orgasms

  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself, as this will make it harder to reach orgasm. Instead, enjoy exploring the possibilities your body offers and enjoy the ride!
  • Take a moment to get completely excited. Touch the most sensitive parts of your body, or give your nipples some attention. Get your brain active and be stimulated and disturbed by some moral porn or audio porn. This tells your brain it's time to have fun.
  • After your first orgasm, temporarily stop stimulating your clitoris and instead increase your arousal by stimulating other areas, such as your nipples or vagina. Once the clitoris is less sensitive, you can switch back to clitoral stimulation.
  • If you can have orgasms in different ways, try having two (or more) different types of orgasms. For example, you might have a clitoral orgasm, then a G-spot orgasm, an anal orgasm, or a nipple orgasm! If you find that your clitoris is overly sensitive after the first orgasm, this may be a good strategy.
  • If you are using a sex toy, such as a bullet vibrator or magic wand vibrator, try to start your orgasm on a lower setting and then take a short break for a second orgasm on a higher setting.
  • If you have two different types of toys, you can try different types of stimulation after your first orgasm. Like a vibrator for the first orgasm and a clitoris sucking toy for the second.
  • Use your pelvic floor muscles. In general, keeping your pelvic floor muscles in shape can go a long way toward your ability to orgasm. You can also try tightening your pelvic floor while continuing stimulation after the first orgasm to encourage a second orgasm.
  • Use other sex toys to help increase sexual arousal and stimulation. The butt plug can stimulate the anus and help reinforce vaginal irritation. Nipple clips and suckers are also good hands-free stimulation tools.
What's more,using a sex machine will help you a lot to get multiple orgasms.Orgasm Angel Store offers you varieties of sex machines.