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Keeping sex exciting and new is one of the best ways to maintain a happy relationship. There are all kinds of ways in the world to get rid of boredom and boredom in your sex life. The following sexual moves can surprise your intimate life. Please enjoy yourself.

To have sex suddenly

Sudden sex is an adrenaline rush that can make sex feel wild and passionate. Showing that you want your partner in front of you can also warm up the relationship. For example, when two people come home from a long day at work, a surprise visit can heal each other in an instant.

Play a cosplay

Taking on a completely different role during sex is a great way to inject freshness into your sex life. This kind of sex not only gives one the chance to live out a fantasy, but also gives one the chance to experiment with life's taboos. Whether it's a nurse in silk stockings with a patient or a rude student in a strict teacher play, try it.

Crazy as a savage

Have some natural, raw, groaning sex! While it may disturb neighbors, break bed frames, or even scare pets, it will also allow them to have a pleasant time, forget all worries, and let them roll with the flow. Like a barbarian, you will feel the full release of physical and mental stress during intense, crazy sex. As long as you talk it over with your partner, I'm sure they'll respond well to your wild desires.

The female-dominated gender

This type of sex refers to a female-led style of sex that pleases men to have sex. Men often get bored easily when they have to control the pleasure of sex alone. In fact, there are many women who yearn to dominate the affairs of the bed. The kind of sex that allows women to be free and loose often surprises men.

Soft and intimate sex

Not everyone craves passionate, passionate, savage sex. Sometimes, a gentle, slow sex can make both people feel better. This kind of sex can make the other person feel loved and cared for, and is an important reason to have sex with your partner.

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