Thrusting Sex Machine

Making love is a natural instinct of human beings, but with the progress of The Times, the wildness in some people has gradually disappeared because of technology. There are a number of reasons why you're having less sex. Some people may be tired, some may be in a bad mood, some may not be able to have sex at all because of the stress in their lives. If this happens, it will not only cause emotional damage, but also cause physical doubt.

So here are five ways a lack of sex can affect your health.

1. Endorphins decrease

The thrill of caressing and orgasms triggers the release of endorphins,which make people feel good and happy.Endorphins act like morphine made by the body,relieving pain and improving mood.So stopping sex is like stopping exercise,because exercise is also a way to stimulate endorphins.Once you stop having sex or exercising,your body stops or decreases the production of endorphins.So if you want to experience the joy and satisfaction of endorphins again,you need to restart your sex life.

2. Stress builds up.

In a study of female college students, there was a correlation between how often they had sex in the months before an important exam and their stress levels. Research shows that people who have poor sex experience more stress. While sex isn't the only option for reducing stress, the correlation between sex and stress is still worth noting. Moreover, if there is a vicious cycle between stress and sex, the more stressed you are, the more people will reject sex, and the lack of sex will put you at a higher stress level.

3. Couples are less satisfied.

It's an integral part of a romantic relationship, like the invisible glue that holds partners together. As couples become less sexually active, satisfaction with their relationship declines. The key is oxytocin (also known as prolactin), also known to some as the "love hormone", which is released during orgasm. It helps both parties build close ties and trust, and see their relationship in a positive light.

4. It leads to negative judgment and impaired self-esteem

It's worth noting that losing your libido may affect how you feel about yourself. Not having sex won't affect your condition or directly cause health problems or illness, but it may make you doubt your self-attractiveness and lower your self-confidence. This can cause anxiety and affect your relationships.

5. Signs of erectile dysfunction

For men, loss of libido can be a precursor to erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction or disease. Men who had sex at least once a week were half as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as men who had sex less frequently, the study found. Erectile dysfunction can cause serious problems for men in their relationships. This causes men to have sex less often and avoid relationships.

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