Female use of adult products has become a relatively common phenomenon, the sex machine is also one of our common female sexual products. Does the sex machine really satisfy women's sexual needs?


 The sex machine is powered by a machine, it has stronger vibration and can be inserted into a wider depth. Most of the sex machine can fly while lying down or sitting down with the remote control in your hand. Would you be satisfied?

Which women would use the sex machine

 1, sexual desire is more exuberant, their partners can not meet their own women.

  1. Women who live alone or live apart for a long time.
  2. Women who have no sex life, but need sex

 What is the use of the sex machine

The general sex machine comes with the instructions, each sex machine use method is different, some through manual control, some through APP control, and voice control. The sex machine is usually automatically inserted, so we need to find the right position and place the sex machine. The sex machine usually has a simulation phallus, and we put the simulation phallus on the front of the machine so that it can be used. Choose the frequency when you use it.

After use, the sex machine needs to be cleaned, cleaning steps are as follows: the cleaning of the penis part using water or warm water or professional toy cleaning liquid; In general, except for simulation phallus and fuselage shell, can not be wet (including wiping); After washing will be clean soft cloth or towel dry, prevent air drying.

After cleaning, put the sex away from the damp place for use or storage to avoid moisture.