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Orgasm, is A man pursue woman also longing for the perfection of sexual pleasure, discussed in the past A lot of articles about the female orgasm, in addition to the clitoris, vaginal orgasm, and male cat cat it is necessary to know women of mystery, A, C, G through the stimulation of these are full of sensitive nerve, can let the woman get an electric shock thriller of orgasms.

Orgasm is how to also discuss the endless knowledge, but there today we want to discuss "men's orgasm". You think when a man ejaculates, he has an orgasm? Do you think the last burst is all a man wants for orgasm? These are not you don't know, said the five men's orgasm secrets to change your understanding. Men, you'll have a broader definition of how you've been feeling about orgasms!

Honey, ejaculating doesn't mean I'm here: Men need orgasms, too

Men reach orgasm after a few seconds will produce ejaculation physiological phenomenon, but orgasm intense pleasure and ejaculation does not delimit the same.

Is it orgasm when a man ejaculates? In fact, a man's orgasm is not equal to ejaculation. Study found that when a man orgasm after a few seconds will produce physiological phenomena of ejaculation, but intense pleasure and orgasm ejaculation does not draw equal sign, the sexologists masters and Johnson as mentioned in the book of human sexual response, the ejaculation, frightened or get an electric shock and ejaculation, men can't satisfy the orgasm, Some adolescent boys may experience orgasm without ejaculation during masturbation, and these two situations belong to the separation of orgasm and ejaculation.

Therefore, ejaculation does not mean that the man arrived! When the man is frightened or constantly stimulate the glans and lead to ejaculation, but there is no erotic display or orgasm pleasure, that with the woman's false orgasm of the empty not far away! Men may have an overt ejaculation response, but that doesn't mean they don't need to satisfy the lust of the soul.

Take a deep breath! It's better not to shoot: Men can have multiple orgasms

Some men can refrain from ejaculating when they have an orgasm and their muscles tighten, meaning they experience an unejaculated orgasm.

Multiple orgasms aren't just a sexual perk for women! More than half of preadolescent boys have a second orgasm in a short period of time, and nearly a third have five or more orgasms in a row, according to a study by sex researcher Jim Kinsey. He thought it was clear that orgasm could be achieved without ejaculation.

Also, in his book Principles of Human Sexuality, Holt. "Some men are able to refrain from ejaculating when they are having an orgasm and their muscles are constricting, which means they experience an unejaculated orgasm," Cachadurian further notes. After this type of orgasm, there is no resolution period (erectile regression), so men can have consecutive or multiple orgasms just like women."

Have these studies overturned your assumptions about the male orgasm? The next time you feel a strong orgasm before ejaculation, take a deep breath and let it go! Experiencing multiple orgasms after an unejaculated orgasm will not only make your sex experience more intense and enjoyable, but it will also benefit your beloved partner. Sex can last so long that you don't have to get out of bed for an entire day.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Leave me alone! A man's pre-orgasm after ejaculation

It is also known as "prostatic pleasure", which is achieved by stimulating the male prostatic glands.

Do you know the term "pre-orgasm"? This kind of orgasm is different from the orgasm of mere ejaculation. It is also called "prostatic pleasure". It is the sexual pleasure achieved by stimulating the prostatic glands of men. This stimulation is mainly achieved by finger or other objects, through the anus into the rectum indirect stimulation of the prostate gland. In addition, some people insert catheters, urethral dilatation rods and other objects into the urethra to stimulate the prostate gland and produce sexual pleasure. The orgasmic manifestations of prostatic pleasure vary.

In addition to more intense "invasive" stimulation to make men feel this way, more intense orgasms can also be achieved by stimulating the prostate gland outside the body. During sex, cat men and women can stimulate the perineum of a man, and indirectly squeeze the prostate gland to allow him to enjoy the pleasure of pre-orgasm after ejaculation. At the same time, the penis will be larger because of the pressure to the penis reflux blood vessels, and then give greater stimulation to the sexual partner. Oh, and don't forget his anal opening! Caressing this area can also lead to further sexual pleasure!

That's it! The search for a man's secret G-spot

In fact, men don't have one G-spot, they have three!

Man! And there's that great, mysterious G-spot! In fact, men don't have one G-spot, they have three! The first point is the "frenulum prepuce", a fold under the penis that connects the penis of the glans. The second spot is located in the "perineum", halfway between the bottom of the scrotum and the anus. The third point is the most secret one:"prostate", there is a protrusion of the size of a chestnut at the 5 cm place inside the anus.

Secretly remember that men are hard to tease sensitive bands! Stimulating these men's G-spot every now and then during sex is guaranteed to make him feel like he's dying!

Shoot after ignore is not love you! I need time to catch my breath

After orgasm, there is a period when men feel almost no desire at all. This period is called the "non-response period".

Don't misjudge men after shooting ignore! Women don't need a cooling off period to enjoy their orgasms continuously, but for men, their orgasms last only three to 12 seconds, and there is a period of almost no sexual desire after the orgasm is over. This period is called the "non-response period", and it is necessary to give men a cooling off period before they can get back on their feet and continue to have sex with their partners in bed.

So dear, after the man shot the smoke, is to give themselves a cooling period, in the face of your eager eyes hint, he is also frustrated with the little brother how not to stand up! Give a man a break. When he gets through the"non-reaction period",he'll be happy to take you down again!

After sorting out the little secret of above orgasms,whether you had new imagination possibility to the orgasms of the man! Get rid of the myth that letting your partner ejaculate is an orgasm. Men also need to be aroused to have an orgasm, dear men, try these new experiences next time, maybe you will find that orgasm can be such a wonderful and unforgettable thing! (The old orgasm is not called orgasm!)