Sex Toys

In your sex life, do you and she always indulge in inconvenient sex? At certain times, you may feel that sex is a little less intense than it should be for your woman to have every night. Here are five great sex tips to make a woman feel great about herself.

1. Give her a gentle kiss

Every woman loves the feeling of being kissed by a man. When you press her lips, slide your tongue in, and then intertwine your tongue and suck deeply, a really memorable kiss for her is to "feel". Also pay attention to her gentle panting: Look deep into her eyes as she breathes, and she will feel that you love her deeply.

2. Make "happy" noises

When she gently touches you, don't be indifferent, with her action, make your happy voice, let her feel you are very high. During this short period of sex, you share your feelings, and when she feels you are comfortable, she will be happy and like a child, giving more intense passion.

3. Don't rush sex

Almost every woman enjoys the gentle sex process, so the man must not be in a hurry to put the little brother into the woman's lower body, slowly touch her, let her follow your rhythm, also will arouse her inner raging desire, when she can't stop, you can "hard" hit back.

4. Timely fantasies

Every man has a perfect sexual fantasy object,also often fantasize with that object sex love,might as well also let female companion fantasize when sex so,can stimulate her sexual nerve appropriately.But neither of you should fantasize so much that you overlook the sexual partner in front of you.

5. Take protective measures

If you're not planning on having children, make sure you choose safe condoms. Although not wearing a condom is very comfortable, but a mistake is very terrible! A woman may feel disrespected by a man who refuses to wear a condom, which can lead to an uncomfortable sexual encounter, so it's worth treating her with a little love in order for her to enjoy herself.

What's more,using sex toys and machines appropriately will help you a lot to feel a good sex experience.