Sex Machines Porn

Although men see naked sexy women will be sexually excited, there is love love impulse, but men love love are good requirements, if the girl knowledge of higher skills of sex moves, they will be libido explosion table, enjoy unprecedented pleasure, nature in the future more need you! So here are the top 10 sex moves men like to do in bed. The way to master a man is to control his lower body!

1. Teasing a man on the "edge" of orgasm

Men too fast orgasm is not interesting, know that he wants to burn, but can not get is the sex master! Girls can use the palm of the hand back to press his chest muscle, master the appropriate intensity, he has no reaction when the hand can be a little heavier, wait for him to reach orgasm and then turn gently caress, so in the orgasm "edge" back and forth, also let the pleasure more lasting, minutes than orgasm stimulation!

2. Tackle him

Guys love a girl who's gentle on the outside, slutty on the inside. When sexual love, you can try bold hot a bit, open a leg to sit on his body, caress slowly "little brother", heartily become a small prostitute child before him, can help his oral sex blow hard even, then take the initiative to sit up, let him cannot help shaking orgasm.

3. Have the erotic masturbation of a man's life

Seriously ~ 100% men can not stand women in front of their own fondling masturbation, see but not to make men heart itch! The schoolgirl can come first masturbate, sit on the chair, open double leg directly, next touch with the hand his pubic part feels orgasms, add the expression of sexual hunger and thirst and burst of groan sound, assure the other half capture you immediately! This foreplay will make you ah!

4. Bondage flirting aggravates the plot

Men love sex! You can buy the sex toy of sm kind, also can take a scarf, tie, belt with ease in the home, bind his hands and feet, use fingertip gently first next, tongue tip, slide slowly to his sensitive belt, don't rush toward the sensitive belt of male friend forward! When you feel his temperature rise, he will feel the highest point.

5. Horny talk stimulates lust

Don't skip dirty talk. Pour the phone in a confused gasp and a simple, hungry conversation: "You've got wet pants... Make sure his mind is filled with images of you having sex and he wants to fly to your house! You can also directly whisper softly in his ear, how can he resist a fight with you?

6. Uniform seduction/role play

Men love porn, just like the role play in the story, so you can meet his wish once in A while! Nurses, stewardesses and even teachers are the roles that men like to fantasize about. If you don't want to go to all the trouble to buy sexy clothes, at least make up a dirty plot so that men can act like animals.

7. Caress the Golden Triangle

Explore from calf, thigh to groin all the way up, this part of the skin is the thinnest part of the whole body, and is full of nerves, girls only need to move the inside of the thigh with fingertip, rub gently, add fingernail slightly scratch scratch to the edge of groin and egg, men already unbearable! The closer he is to the position of the penis, the more sensitive he will be. At this moment, suddenly come to touch the fingertips of the dragon carelessly, and he will immediately strip you naked!

8. Blowjob tricks

In addition to glans, penis, frenulum this place is also very sensitive! Frenulum is the connection of the foreskin and the penis, is also the most important core zone to tease, when treating this part can be quite gentle, holding the penis root, containing and tongue lightly lick, between the tongue lightly flick frenulum, are men's favorite but few women know the move.

9. Flirt with your boobs

C Cup above the girls remember to use this advantage! First let the other half lie down, you kneel position let the chest slide between his legs up and down back and forth, in the slide, your upper body can be slightly lifted, the nipple gently touch his body, let him feel a faint electric current, stimulate his sexual desire.

10. Sex calls are a plus

A woman who knows how to call a bed is a plus! Because groan sound is a kind of encouragement to the man more motive force, but besides groan besides, don't forget to add gasp sound also lets the man be unable to stop, and sexy take a bit wild again, let the man be very excited likewise, let an ear be satisfied absolutely good.

What's morel,using sex toys and machines appropriately will help giving you a good sex experience.