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If you want to dominate love today, please use cowgirl upper, want to let the dragon deeply into you, you can consider using the dog lying, but the most hot sexy, and the most able to close to each other's position, absolutely not the above said these positions! Today, I will teach you how to do the lotus position. Believe me, this position will be one of the best sex positions in the world. Both body and mind can be closest to each other and enjoy orgasm at the same time.

Sit facing each other, and then one of you puts his or her feet and arms in a hug around the other person. You can put your hands around his or her shoulders, or put your hands into his or her hair and gently support his or her head. It feels closer to each other than other positions!

Start by having your partner sit cross-legged on the bed, leaning against the head of the bed, with a pillow on their back. If you want to have sex somewhere else instead of in bed, you can find a place where he can sit comfortably.

You can also wrap your legs around his waist. Then you can let the dragon slowly enter the honey den. Please try to be gentle.

Lotus position will be a little tired at the beginning, depending on each other's body shape, height and body softness, of course, there is a little core muscle endurance, feel too hard can be in the back or knee pad a small pillow, so that the body has support, reduce the adaptation in the process of love.

Lotus tip: Slow back and forth friction!

In fact, many girls do not know how to move when the woman is on top, to make each other comfortable to heaven, in fact, just remember a trick is good, that is, "please rub back and forth instead of up and down thrusting!" Rub your butt and legs as a point of force

If you still don't know how to do it, you can wear small pants and imagine that you are seducing each other, that kind of friction on the way to force! If the friction isn't exciting enough, you can move it back and forth in a circular motion or shake your hips to rock the dragon to the sky!

Why is this position so sexy?

The Lotus pose allows you to look at your partner's comfortable, orgasmic expressions, especially when it comes to sex and seeing yourself in his eyes is absolutely mesmerizing! The lotus style is also convenient for kissing each other when making love, which is wet on the top and wet on the bottom. It is really super passionate!

In the Lotus position, what you need to think about most is not to orgasm and release each other quickly, but to enjoy the intimate pace of love with slow friction, coupled with slight moans and waves.

For more advanced hot love, you can tie your hands behind your back or put them behind you, and let his hands hold your honey buttocks to move back and forth, or let him directly help you knead the horse and kill the chicken is also completely ok! Afraid that milk wave is too strong, he accidentally spray nosebleed

Usually is already love heavy taste of people, want to pursue more pleasure, can let each other hand touch your honey buttocks or snow milk, the other hand caress the clitoris, the kind of crazy stimulation pleasure, absolutely let you shake to no force, legs shaking non-stop!

After learning the lotus position, many women also say that the love position is more intimate than other orgasmic positions, such as dog lying down, while watching each other face to face with an orgasm and groaning expression, it's really worth it!

Although sex may be a little more tiring than usual, the feeling of hugging each other will really make you realize that you are in love

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