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The cutest height difference in daily life doesn't really matter much in bed, because you're both the same height when you're lying down. However, these height differences can sometimes bring unparalleled pleasure, whether it is a bento train, an old man's cart, a woman on top, etc., can bring a different kind of pleasure. Here are 9 of the cutest sex positions for the cutest height difference. Height is not an issue, there is no distance to orgasm.

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"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Train Bento

If you have a couple with a height difference, only a bento will work. If he is tall, have him pick her up and lean against a wall to reduce pressure on his arms. The thrill and pleasure of a bento may not last long. After all, the body tends to soften after orgasm, so move on to the couch.

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Female Upper

The female upper position is a great position for different heights, especially because it stimulates the clitoris and brings great pleasure. In terms of posture, the woman's buttocks can be slightly pursed, allowing the clitoris to rub against the man's lower abdomen, or she can directly use sex toys to assist.

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Jenga

Jenga is a position full of security, massage stick under the body, the man from the body pressure, double happiness! A woman can either put her legs together and feel the thrustings, or she can open her legs and let the man in between her legs. Slight Angle can bring great pleasure!

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation:Side Lying

The two lie facing each other, and the woman arches her back to find the right Angle for him to pass through her body. This position is good for small scratches, and in the advanced version, a vibrating penis ring can be used to stimulate two people at a time to orgasm together.

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Unicycle

When a man is very tall, the dog pose may require a lot of pillows, but there is an easier way to have the man simply pull the woman up to the right height. The male partner stands next to the bed and grabs her leg like a very sexy unicycle race. She can support herself on her elbows or lie on her stomach, depending on her core and his arm strength.

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Sitting Sex

If the female partner is taller than the male partner, sit in the same height as the male partner's penis, just like sitting in the octalus chair, home dining chair, princess, sofa armrest, dresser, kitchen counter, there is always a suitable. This position is very intimate, perfect for passionate kissing and cuddling.

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Old Man Cart

The classic old man cart is also a good position for women who are taller than men. Lie on the bed with your hips on the edge of the bed and spread your legs across your partner's waist or shoulders. If the height is not enough, the pillow is the best support.

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Distance 69

When lying side by side, the height difference does not exist, so the spoon position does not reflect the beauty of the height difference. At this time, 69 May be a little difficult because of the height gap, choose some auxiliary tools, good service to each other.

"The most cute height difference" sex position recommendation: Hook Hook Hand

This position is actually super sexy, allowing you to feel the skin temperature on the inside of your legs, rub against each other, and even sneak up on the sensitive bands with the front of your thighs. The hands of the upper body can not be idle down, hugging, rubbing, intimacy is accumulated in this way!

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