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Sex in bed, while comfortable, is one less hormone-popping sensation, but jumping right into the field is a little too exciting! Start with the living room and use the furniture as a sex aid to ensure you have fun you never thought possible. Get hooked! The following 5 must learn furniture assisted sex positions, the whole home is your sex platform!

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Living room sex position 1: cross the pillow back into the honey hole

Back position although very sensitive, but sometimes kneeling for a long time knee is really a little support ah ~ suggest that you can lie on the lazy pillow, in order to support the weight of the body, and men from the face into you, can also see your hot honey curve, if the war is too violent, moaning is too big, can also bury the head in the pillow, enjoy the release, If you want to try something more serious, put sex toys in the honey cave and let him slide into the dragon from the back court. It will make you forget your last name.

Living room sex position 2: straddle chair twisting waist shaking honey

Kneeling let the boys from the rear attack, legs may as well straddle the chair, steady the body center of gravity, twisting waist side look at your partner, your thin waist curve, absolutely let the boys want to love you, in addition, you can also put the massage stick on the chair, gently against the core and the inner thigh, let the honey constantly flow out, boys with hand rubbing snow milk, plus the dragon, It was like a dream orgasm from head to foot.

Living room sex position 3: sofa chair grinding tender flower core

You're sitting on the couch watching a movie, and you're getting ready for a fight. Don't forget to use the couch to warm you up. When you're giving your boyfriend a kiss with your butt up, put your bottom half on the arm of the couch, and use the friction to stimulate the pistil, so that when you blow your boyfriend hard, you're not sure if you're wet. Now don't even think about giving anything away!

Living room sex position 4: Rope bondage training

In fact, the rope can be easily available at home. Here, we will teach you how to turn the rope into a sex "rope". First, hang the rope on a pole or hook with support points, bind the legs and buttocks, open the legs, so that the other person can have a glance at your body, and clamp the waist side of the boy with both legs. At this point, you can grip the rope, just like a swing. The body is shaking back and forth, and the sound of the crash is getting louder and louder. I accidentally open his Gray mode, and I have to surrender to him all night.

Living room sex position 5: pillow tight Grotto dragon

There will always be one or two pillows on the sofa, now to teach you how to make your love more points, when the boy kneels down for you to love, you can put the pillow under his knee, cushion his height and can use the soft pillow to make the knee not so painful, see him work hard for you, you can also put the airplane cup on the pillow, let him DIY, the dragon, Swollen and unable to escape easily, your honey hole has flooded into a river, secretly revealing the "I want more" message.

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