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The space for sex is not just the bedroom bed, but sometimes the balcony, the empty beach at night, the narrow shower, the car.... And so on, you get an extra kick. But sometimes, all it takes is a couch or chair to take the experience to the next level.

First experience chair sex, may wish to refer to the following benefits and precautions, of course, the end of the article also attached to the stimulation of chair sex position recommended ~

Chair Sex Benefit 1: Intimate skin-to-skin contact

When having sex in a chair, you basically have to hold onto each other, but you can also focus on hand caresses and touch. Sofa or chair width is also relatively narrow, more can chest to chest, face to face!

Chair Sex Benefit 2: Gain control

Chair sex gives the woman who straddles the man more control over the depth of penetration. Like deep can close to the male partner's thigh to sit, straddle can let the male partner shallow, feel the hot meat stick in the body rub.

Ways to make chair sex awesome

Choose the right chair

Make sure the chair you're using for sex can support the weight of two people. Don't choose a folding chair. It's not strong and noisy. Sofa, single concubine chair and so on are very good, the computer chair is not used, after all, not to shake.

Adjust different heights

Different levels of support can provide different sexual experiences. Dining chairs are great for women's upper and straddle positions, and high chairs are perfect for blowjobs!

Try a little restraint

Add a little props to complete the sex. Chairs with armrests can be tied with a silk scarf or tie around the wrist, or an eye mask can be used to make people more focused on the touch of the skin.

"Chair Sex Position" Recommendation 1: Sofa Solo Show

Who says you must have a male partner, masturbation is also love yourself! Whether you choose a sofa or chair, don't forget to put on a towel. Start with gentle little movements and slowly stimulate the clitoris. Then, as the intensity increases, add more movements, rubbing, stroking, or tapping your fingers, using props when appropriate. This is a great way to explore your body.

"Chair Sex Position" Recommendation 2: Long live the Queen

The chair is also perfect for oral sex, with a slight sense of conditioning. Find a camping chair or a small bench with a hole in the middle, spread your legs slightly and let your partner lie under the chair and serve.

"Chair Sex Position" Recommendation 3: dog crawl

A variety of chairs and tables is the perfect space to show the dog's climbing style. Find a sofa or chair of the right height and softness, so that your partner can enjoy the round buttocks and grasp the soft flesh of the chest. How romantic!

"Chair Sex Position" Recommendation 4 : Layer by layer

The man sits in the chair first, and the woman straddles it with her back to him. This position is perfect for penetration and anal sex. Both hands can touch and caress freely, and can use different props. This position is recommended to use clitoral suction device, front and back, absolutely wet to the end!

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