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Couples can experiment with different thrusting patterns and see which one they like best and are both comfortable with. Here are nine practical ways for your reference:

1.First impressions count:

Women are most impressed by the first few strokes, so pay special attention to not rushing at the beginning, but remember to lubricate well, and wait until you're both in the zone.

2.The beginning of shallow into shallow feeling:

the most sensitive part of the male penis is the lower margin of the glans, and the most sensitive part of the female is in the front section of the vagina, so the depth of shallow intercourse, will make both sides feel more.

3.Deep sex is more comfortable:

If the woman is in the zone, deep sex is more comfortable because it stimulates the clitoris and labia more intensely. In addition, deep sexual intercourse on the cervix stimulation, can also make women have different feelings of orgasm, commonly known as nine shallow one deep is the same truth.

4. Mix and match to lengthen intercourse:

If you want to lengthen sex, avoid fast, shallow intercourse, which can cause a man to overstimulate and cause premature ejaculation. With the combination of depth and speed, it can be more durable.

5. Dog Crawl:

One of the easiest positions to use when trying to change speed is Doggy style, because it leaves a girl's genitals exposed.

6. The Missionary position is always the most stable:

The general missionary position not only gives women comfort and stability, but also helps them experiment with speed changes.

7. Imagine yourself riding a horse:

Once inside, move slowly like a horse to establish a regular rhythm.

8. Get out in full force:

Think of the penis as a dive, diving into the deepest part of the vagina in one breath and then pulling it out completely. But using this technique, the woman's vagina needs to be lubricated.

9. Eagle Strike:

This only works if your partner is very passionate. Think of yourself as a hawk hovering over your partner, waiting for the plane to swoop in like a hawk killing its prey.

sex machines porn
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