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Now that we've talked about different types of sex machines, how do you judge which one is best for you and your sexual preferences? It's entirely up to you. If you prefer direct, non-invasive vaginal stimulation, stroking or riding a horse may be the way to go. If rough and direct sex is more your thing, then thrusters or dolls could be the key to your happiness. The great thing about propeller is that it can be used by anyone of either sex as it can penetrate any hole in a safe and enjoyable way!

When shopping online, it is extremely important to verify the identity of the seller to ensure that you 1) won't be scammed by scammers who will only take your money and 2) won't end up with defective or unsafe products. Faulty wiring or unsafe materials can pose quite a sexual threat - we suggest you let your imagination run wild for a while. Instead, the focus should be on how to validate the seller. Below, we've listed some ways you can try and verify the authenticity of websites that sell sex toys and machines.

1) Check reviews
At this point, most online sex shops have built up some level of customer base. Check to see if the site you're considering has user reviews, but don't stop at the site itself. Look online for other people's experience working with this seller. Even if a site only has five star reviews, check forums and other places to see if you can recall any negative experiences people have had with sellers. Scam sites typically write their own positive reviews and then delete negative ones

2) Avoid wholesalers
Amazon and Alibaba are convenient, but the legitimacy of third-party sellers on these sites is hard to verify. The sex industry is rife with sellers of cheap, flimsy and even dangerous/toxic counterfeit products. We're sure you've heard about the dangers to human health of phthalates and other toxic chemicals found in cheap sex toys. Unfortunately, these products are all over the major wholesale website. We recommend that you choose an online sex shop with a history and customer base.

3) Check the refund policy.
It's not uncommon for old refund policies on sex toys and machines to be ineffective, for obvious reasons. However, products as expensive as sex machines usually still come with some kind of warranty, or a guarantee that you'll get a refund if the performance is abnormal. If you can't find any detailed information on a website, spell out how you can get your money back (or even store points). If things don't go well after your purchase, then we recommend staying away from the site. You don't want to lose a thousand pounds because you bought something on a dodgy website.

At the end of the day, only you know what sex machine you're looking for. We just hope this article gives you a basic background on sex machines and all kinds of sex machines. It can be hard to navigate the sex world if you're new to it, but it shouldn't be. The more people know about the kinds of products they can explore and how to use them safely, the more sexually satisfied we will be -- shouldn't that be the case?