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The longevity of sex toys depends on two factors. The first is the material composition of your toy, and the second factor is how you take care of it, which will be our next.machine sex video

The good news is that many modern toys are made from high-quality materials. If you've ever found a cheap toy and wondered why its price is so low, it probably contains substandard materials. You may pay more for a high-quality toy, but you may only have to buy one instead of constantly replacing a toy that deteriorates quickly.

The silicone toys

So how do you tell if your sex toy is durable? Of course know your material!

Silicone is a typical sex toy material that can last forever. It can take 500 years for silicone to break down, so a silicone toy can last a lifetime as long as it is properly maintained.

Glass and stainless steel toys.

Glass or stainless steel toys are also high quality choices. If handled properly, glass and stainless steel toys last a lifetime. Obviously, don't drop your glass dildo on concrete or any hard place.

Jelly or soft rubber toys

Jelly or soft rubber degrades faster. The toys are also porous, meaning they contain tiny holes. These holes trap bacteria, making them impossible to clean and increasing your risk of contracting yeast or bacterial vaginosis (BV). Jelly or soft rubber can last from a few months to a year. Another cautionary suggestion is that jelly toys or soft rubber may contain phthalates, a possible carcinogen that can be terrible for reproductive health and sperm production. In other words, it's not a chemical you want to touch!

Leather toys

Usually, leather toys used in BDSM are porous, so they can't be completely sterilized. If you choose to use leather toys, such as whips or crops, keep body fluids away.