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Women take less effort in the upper position. If a husband is tired, in order not to increase his sense of fatigue, the most common way is the woman's position in bed. This way, the man can lie on his back, leaving the woman in charge of sex and allowing him to have intercourse without expending any energy. Women's positions in bed also vary. For example, when a man lies on his back, there is a difference between legs together and legs apart. On the one hand, the woman has her elbows propped up at the men's sides, or her wrists at the men's sides, her knees at the men's sides, and so on.

The most aggressive posture is the one that straddles a man's mid-waist and makes him sit up and down. This position allows the penis to penetrate deep into the vagina. As the uterus descends, the glans can directly stimulate the uterus, giving pleasure to both men and women. Because a man stays in the same position all the time and doesn't need to move, it is a posture that can satisfy both men when they are tired.

Sitting in the front is also a common position. Another option you can use when your husband is tired is to sit in front of him. Men and women face each other, with the man sitting with his legs extended and the woman sitting on the man with her legs spread wide, hugging each other. This is full skin contact, so the irritation is strong and the two can talk face to face. Intercourse is done by the woman, and the man simply holds the same position. In this case, the man puts his hands behind his back and the woman exercises completely.

Women also place their hands behind the man's back when the penis is inserted into the vagina. The way to stimulate your partner is to raise your hips. A man with his hands behind his back, at the mercy of a woman, always makes you feel powerless. At this time, women will also put their hands behind the men, and make the feet forward or backward bend, so that the genital combination, easy to stimulate and enhance, so as to obtain great pleasure. Moreover, in this position, because the penis meets the center line of the vagina, the woman moves back slightly, like a flagpole falling, to give the man a crushing stimulus that makes the fatigue go away and gives him intense pleasure.

Sitting is relatively effortless. This is the final position in which a man sits with his hands behind his back and a woman sits with her back to the man. At this time, the female vaginal opening is backward, the penis is easy to insert, and the female movement is relatively free. When men are tired, the disadvantage of this posture is that they cannot talk to each other because they cannot see their faces.

You can easily select the landscape position. Another position men like is lying on their side. They don't need to add weight to each other. Men can be inserted from the front or the back. Because you don't have to bear each other's weight, it's good to be used when you're tired. It's an appropriate position to just touch and enjoy, and a position to hold for a long time to enjoy. Both men and women can use this method when they are tired. Its disadvantage is that the insertion depth is shallow, can not get enough stimulation.

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