Automatic Sex Machine

Any sex technique has its own set of ways and characteristics,so we tend to use a certain sex technique in the process of sex will obviously feel the effect of this technique.However,although the effect of one technique is obvious,the disadvantages are also relatively prominent.In light of this,we might as well enrich our sex skills and combine them to create the perfect sex!

Combination 1: Caress + Missionary Do you think this combination has a good reputation for caress? In fact, no, men can not caress women, but women can be in men back and forth dissociating ah! The traditional sex position is the face to face sex position, this position is easier to generate force, easy for both men and women to contact. But always in and out of there is very monotonous, changing the frequency, adjusting the speed is necessary.

Combination 2: Smooch + Mount position The position that gives the woman all the power over the sex is the Mount position we're going to talk about next. The woman is sitting on the man to make love, and the woman is like a knight in charge of her sexual progress. However, in this position, the man should not be watching the woman's "performance" with his eyes, and your hands should be put to good use. Rub a massage oil on your hands and let your hands give her a leg up on sex with the help of this soothing scent.

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