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According to Time magazine, modern humans only have an attention span of eight seconds, less than a goldfish, so a lot of things need to be done quickly. However, should our attitudes towards sex be the same? Is it better to have sex as early as possible, like passion porn, or take your time? In all kinds of love skills, the speed and frequency of insertion control is a very important link. The following will provide practical sex knowledge and skills, quickly help the majority of men to take a crash course in sex!

Women value discipline and consistency.

According to sexologist Jacqui Olliver, most women actually want to do it in a comfortable position and at a steady pace, because a regular, consistent rhythm is better for maintaining mood and feeling ready to orgasm. It doesn't matter how crazy you are if your partner's technique is so bad that it causes discomfort, or if they constantly change positions to interrupt a sense of coherence.

Gender and age affect preferences.

Many people think that women prefer slow sex, while men prefer fast sex. Surprisingly, according to the survey, 31.7 percent of women prefer a fast pace, 11 percentage points higher than only 20 percent of men. In addition, men and women were evenly split between fast and slow thrusts. Not only gender, but also age can influence the average person's preference for the speed of intercourse. For example, men and women under 35 prefer fast sex; Men and women over 35 prefer slower sex.

So is there an optimal speed?

There is no such thing as optimal speed. Most people like to alternate between speed and speed, such as slow when excited or slow when relaxed, but their preferences may vary depending on their mood or level of excitement that day. So we have to accept that there is no right answer. Everyone likes a different pace, and it is right to either speed up or slow down. It's about respecting each other and talking to each other to have the best sexual experience.

9 Sprint Teaching Methods for Mastering speed and Passion

Partners can experiment with different insertion modes to see which one they like and which is acceptable to each other. Here are 9 practical methods for your reference:

First impressions are the most important:

the first few strokes impress women the most, so pay special attention. Don't run amok at first, but remember to lubricate well and wait until you're both in the mood.

At the beginning of shallow in shallow out more sense:

the most sensitive part of a man's penis is the lower edge of the glans, while the most sensitive part of a woman's penis is at the front of the vagina, so having light sex makes both partners feel better.

It feels better to go deep after into the situation:

If the woman is deeply into the zone, deeper sex can be very comfortable because it creates more intense stimulation of the clitoris and labia. In addition, deep sexual intercourse to cervical stimulation, also can let the female produce different orgasm experience, commonly known as nine shallow one deep is the same truth.

Mix and match to lengthen sexual intercourse:

If you want to prolong sexual intercourse, you should avoid quick and shallow sexual intercourse, because this can easily cause the man to overstimulate and cause premature ejaculation. The depth and speed mix is more durable.

Open door dog crawl:

When trying to change speed, the most convenient position is dog pose, as this position will completely expose the girl's pubic area.

The missionary position is always the most stable position:

the general missionary position can make the woman feel comfortable and stable, but also easy to try the change of speed.

Imagine yourself riding a horse:

Once you enter, you can move slowly as if you were riding a horse, forming a regular rhythm.

Get caught up and get out.:

Imagine the penis diving into the deepest part of the vagina in one breath and then pulling it out completely. However, the premise of using this technique is that the woman's vagina has sufficient lubrication.

Eagle Raid:

This only works if the opponent is passionate. By thinking of yourself as an eagle hovering over your partner, waiting for the right moment, swooping in like a hawk killing its prey.

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