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Provocative messages are already an important flirting element for men and women to increase their intimacy in today's relationships or couples. No matter the content is explicit, salty, or even pornographic, it can often maintain passion. It can be used as a foreplay for dating or fried rice, or as a couple Intimate games between the two places, and even used as provocative weapons when men and women are just dating or have an ambiguous relationship. Messaging on the phone can also be a disaster, and the content can even get you blocked by the other party forever.

The first thing to understand is that there are many forms of information about the information, voice, emoji, stickers, and even videos, the focus has adult -level meaning. This is why you must believe that you must use your mobile phone to pass the information. Agree (otherwise it is sexual harassment), and it is also sexually interested in such communication. This usually helps to increase intimacy, or even when you have no guts to express your desire in person, it is more effective than opening saying, but you must keep in mind a few key.


The rules of success:

1. Make sure the other party is interesting to you

No one wants you not to ask for disturbances, so you need to ensure that the other party will not only agree with your kindness, but also realize what it is now. This kind of provocative message and nature are directly related, so you must respect the other person's wishes compared to physical sex. Don't let your nude photos scare the other person and be willing to participate.

2. If you are nervous, just say

When you encounter the other party's initiative to pass the information, if you feel nervous because you don't have this experience, it is best to say that it is a good idea to discuss at this time to avoid embarrassment, because it is best to discuss what you want.

3. As a foreplay

The foreplay is not just done on the bed face to face. The human brain is the biggest sexual organs and needs to be stimulated. If you live together, or just start date, you can improve your tension and expectations. Really, it really can be improved. Really, it ’s really. The orgasm of the body is absolutely extra points when going to bed.

4. If you have no experience, start with asking questions first

You can start with the way the other party wears a very old -fashioned way but tried it repeatedly. Once the other party has no feeling to you, you will just cope with it to let you retreat, but if you have sex, you will then want to provoke up. Your imagination. This method is not only safe, but also can also stir up the desire in the other's head, to explore the desire of each other with you, and increase intimacy. If you tried the right person, you know what kind of picture it is.

5. Focus on details

Whether it is to pass the information through images or text, creating ambiguous and imaginative space is the key to success. In this way, it can arouse a certain desire in the other's mind. It is more attractive, so focusing on details, feelings, small movements and scenes, like inspiring her head, she imagines an erotic story, then she is sultry.

6. Use all possible sensory stimuli

Don't just stick to the image or text description of the naked part. Images or some obscene waves and cavities that are used in use will stimulate the brain's sex organs.

7. Learn to lie

The lying here is a bit similar to that you are obviously wearing a T -shirt, but you tell her that you just took a shower and put on a white pajamas and lie on the sofa. Simply put, it is to create the other party's imagination and scene. Of course, if the other party really likes a man who stinky and stinky and stinky, it is exception. In short, in order to achieve the best choice, it is worth talking about a little bit.

8. Use the imagination of distance creation

When you are with your partner or an ambiguous object at both ends of the city, or even more far away, the power of flirting messages is absolutely beyond your imagination. This is the so -called beauty of distance. But even if you live on the same street, you can give you a close and pleasant mood of each other before the date, or when you have no time to meet.

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After learning these 8 tricks, do you still worry about not finding the object? When your feelings go further, using sexy products properly will pull you closer to each other to get a distance!