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If you want to have a good sex, light dependence is definitely not enough. The touch of the limbs can not only add the intimacy of the partner, but also the effect of relaxation. In sex, the foreplay plays an important role. Most people like to relax and relieve pressure through massage, and can also add points for love.
The following is the 5 steps for massage before sex. Make every pair of partners through massage to maintain the freshness and satisfaction of sex.

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5 steps for sex massage


  • Dark light and play music:

Dark lighting, or turn on a small night light, with relaxed music, then pour some massage oil in your hands, and then rub it with both hands.


  • An slowly pressing each muscle:

The movement of both hands is the best speed. With the massage oil, use the palm root, and continue to stick the entire muscle massage. Massage each muscles slowly can make the partner very enjoyable.


  • Start from the legs and do not let go of each toe:

Start from the legs, move from the thigh to the ankle, to the soles of the feet, and finally focus on each toe. Each part stays for 2 to 3 minutes to fully relieve the tight muscles and relax the partner.


  • The shoulder and neck continues, continuous movement:

Then massage towards the neck and shoulders, use the thumb and other four fingers to pinch the skin and muscles gently, then move forward towards the partner's lower back, and use the muscles of the palm root to gently rub it.


  • Stime press and good play:

In the end, the area in the lower back was particularly strengthened. After about 45 minutes of massage, the partner would not expect to start doing things in addition to relaxing the whole body.

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Stress is often a common and important factors that destroy each other's sexual experience. Through massage, emotional factors such as tension, anger, fatigue, chaos can become a powerful tool for confrontation, anxiety, and depression. Even sexual dysfunction, massage is a good alternative suggestion.
Of course, reasonable use of sexual tools can also relax sex.