Sex Machines For Women

What are the sex skills for women? Learn the following tricks to make sex easier to reach orgasm.

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Question: What kind of sex skills do women need?

Answer: Start with her most pleasurable parts. This technique is mainly aimed at women who have difficulty obtaining pleasure. Husbands should stroke their wives' clitoris to make sure they're "fully aroused" before entering. The odds of a woman's apex then increase, regardless of the position used.

If you adopt the traditional male upper position, you can put a pillow under your wife's buttocks to better stimulate the G-spot. But at any time, you must continue to stimulate the clitoris, such as constantly drawing circles and stroking your wife's groin with your fingers. During sex, properly adding vaginal reduction balls can not only satisfy you, but also satisfy your partner's desire.

Question: What sex techniques increase orgasm?

Answer: The woman's active sex position, that is, the female upper position, should be the most effective method, allowing women to obtain sufficient freedom of movement for self-satisfaction. At the same time, this position will make women tighten their legs and bring them together, or adjust the range of penis insertion, so that their clitoris can touch the man's pubic bone in a way that suits them.

Question: What are the sex skills in bed to please women?


Answer: full caress. However wild your passions may be, do not hurt her. Be a gentleman from the start of the sex unless you know she likes to be roughed up. It takes time for a woman to warm up, so before making love, you should fully touch it, both for her and for you. This is the prelude to perfect sex.

In making love, a gentleman should communicate with his female partner to understand what she wants and what she doesn't want. You can learn what makes her happy by communicating, and also tell her what makes you happy. Don't roll over and go to sleep immediately after sex.

Women are different from men in that they need attention after sex. Even if there is something urgent, don't neglect her, just say something nice! You want to hear good things about her, too.

Question: Are there any tricks to having sex with women?

Answer: After the penis is inserted, the sexual organs of the two are tightly combined. The female clitoris and utero-vaginal are strongly stimulated through close-fitting compression movements.

Men can experience the pleasure of contracting the vaginal opening, and can also use compression movements as a short break during sexual intercourse or as a technique to prevent male ejaculation.

Question: What kind of sex skills are suitable for women?

Answer: Lie on your side facing each other. This posture is suitable for men who are prone to premature ejaculation and impotence, and its movement range is small, which can prolong the time of sexual orgasm. This posture is also conducive to both husband and wife whispering in their ears and enjoying the unity of soul and body. Women can lean forward, arch their backs, and press their lower body against the base of their partner's penis. Try moving laterally from side to side to rub the G-spot.

Grinding type. This is a "quick fix" lingering. The woman can lie on her back on the table with her limbs spread out, and the man stands in front of her. The angle and thrust of this position can make the heat rise in the shortest time. But the only downside is that men will find it difficult to control orgasm due to too much stimulation.

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