Sex Machine For Women



The sexology authority affirmed: "Most women's physiological structure can make them reach orgasm during sexual intercourse, but they just don't know the method." Recent research reports further delve into how to find this hidden orgasm mechanism in the human body. move. What you see of your clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg of orgasmic pleasure, the report says.


1. Improve the position of the lower abdomen

The angle at which the pelvis is tilted affects where the man's pumping shaft hits the vaginal wall during sex.

Properly adjust your position so that he can touch the upper part of the vaginal wall in front of your body, and the chances of reaching internal orgasm will also increase. Although every woman's situation is different (and so are men), a pillow on the back can strengthen the stimulation of the upper vaginal wall. In the same way, you can also ask your partner to support you with his hands (lifting your body up, this method is also very effective).

2. Exercise the elasticity of the pubic muscles

The flexibility of your pubic muscles affects how well your G-spot makes contact with your penis.

After all, the essence of orgasm is a series of contractions of the uterus, vagina, rectum and pubic muscles. The stronger the muscles, the stronger the contractions and the greater the pleasure. It's that simple. Moreover, the more elastic your pubic muscles are, the more they can tighten the vaginal wall, increase the friction with the penis, and stimulate the clitoris in the body. The so-called pubic muscles are the muscles that connect the pubic bone to the spine. Next time you urinate, try to stop the flow of urine, and you can clearly distinguish where the pubic muscles should be exercised. I suggest you Do two cycles of 75 contractions a day, (but remember not to contract the abdominal or buttock muscles, and don't hold your breath).


3. Put pressure on the lower abdomen


The lower abdomen of the body, the part above the pubic hair, is the outermost layer of the clitoris in the vagina. If you drag and press this external part, the feeling inside the body will also increase. You may consider using your hands or your partner's hands, pinching the muscles in this area, or doing small sit-ups; this will allow your internal clitoris to be pinched up and down at the same time (your muscles that become firm due to compression and stiffen penis), and prone to pleasure. Whatever your method, let the penis (or finger or vibrator) go in first, and then apply pressure from the outside, but if you put pressure from the outside first, there is a good chance that he won't find the right place in the body to stimulate.

4. Put your feet together


While porn stars always have sex with their feet open, real-life women get even more pleasure with their feet straight and close together (when using the missionary position).

There are two ways to do this:

1. It allows you to clamp the thigh muscles, and then further easily stimulate the clitoris in the body.

2. This also helps to rub the clitoris outside the body, and the inner folds of the vulva here are densely packed with sensitive nerve groups. For example, after he penetrates, you can put your legs on the outside of your legs, you put your legs together, and then he uses his thighs to clamp the feet of his female partner, and then starts to pump slowly and deeply, and the penis can rub against the base of the clitoris , and began to accelerate, usually both parties can experience the superb pleasure.

5. Seek the pleasure of the womb

For many women, rubbing the penis against the cervix is like throwing a baseball to the forehead, but researchers speculate that for about half of women, stimulation of the cervix can indeed bring a supernatural experience. (As for the other half of women, it will be uncomfortable and even painful.) The effect of deep implant insertion can be so strong that some women who like to rub their necks can get all the pleasure of orgasm from this stimulation alone.

Because the cervix and the entire clitoris may belong to the same neural network system. The main key to starting this orgasmic mechanism is finding a position for deep penetration so that the tip of his penis rubs against your cervix.

Sitting on him towards his feet for the deepest penetration, other ways to do this include: lying on your back with your knees bent over your chest (if your muscles are soft, straighten your feet over his shoulders), Or you can get on your knees and prop yourself up on your elbows, allowing him to come up from behind. If you're a woman with a hypersensitive cervix, all three should get you to orgasm.

homemade sex machine

The best sex skills are not very complicated, just your affectionate eyes and gentle caress have already made the other party enjoy it! Of course, sex tools can also make the other party more enjoyable