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Sexual frigidity refers to lack of sexual desire. Generally speaking, it means lack of interest in sex life, and it is also said to be loss of sexual desire. What causes frigidity? What about frigidity?

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Factors that lead to frigidity in women

1. Physiological factors

If the husband only seeks to satisfy himself during sex, regardless of his wife's feelings; the wife will feel that she is just a tool to vent her desires and is prone to sexual frigidity. At the same time, women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy are afraid that having sex will affect the fetus or cause premature delivery, and some will suffer from low libido after delivery. Busy work or overloaded labor will exhaust your physical strength, and you will lack the energy to make love at night.

2. Disease factors

Suffering from genital, endocrine or systemic diseases will make people cold. Among systemic diseases, frigidity is more common in diabetic patients.

3. Psychological factors

I received wrong sex education when I was young, thinking that sex life is a lewd and unclean behavior, which inhibits sexual desire; anxiety and fear caused by tension, depression, and anxiety can also affect sexual desire. Disharmony between husband and wife, failure in work or career, troubles caused by social activities, etc. can easily make human nature cold.

4. Drug factors

Some medicines can make women frigid. Clinically commonly used antihypertensive drugs can also inhibit the occurrence of female orgasm.

Get rid of frigidity from 5 aspects

1. Eliminate negative psychological factors

Through self-suggestion and self-adjustment, negative psychological factors are released in a targeted manner. If necessary, carry out psychological treatment under the guidance of a psychiatrist.

2. Husband and wife cooperate

The sexual life between husband and wife should cooperate with each other to achieve sexual harmony, in order to achieve a "win-win" in sex. It is necessary to balance work and rest at work, and add a romantic atmosphere to life. The husband's thoughtfulness and tenderness to his wife will increase her sexual interest.

3. Active treatment

Actively treat diseases that cause frigidity. For patients caused by sex hormone deficiency, estrogen can be used instead of drugs such as Tibolone (Live Love) under the guidance of a doctor.

4. Stop using drugs that cause frigidity

Most people's libido that "cools" after stopping the drug will "ignite" again.

5. Learn more common sense and skills

Read more books about sex knowledge, consult doctors more, increase sexual desire, improve sex skills, so that women can truly enjoy sex.


Reasonable use of sex tools can also make the whole sex process full of fun, maybe you will fall in love with sex