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Educators, sex coaches, and sex experts not only offer advice on different relationships, but also offer many sex education classes. Then "sexual domain" the position recommended by the expert most, believe very have reference value! Here are five comfortable sex positions that "even sexologists recommend"!


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Sex experts recommend "comfortable sex position" 1: Elderly cart

If your partner has an impressive body shape, it's perfect for this position. Lift your hips slightly with a pillow and adjust the Angle of entry to make them full.

Sex experts recommend "comfortable sex position" 2: skin close.

The partner sits on a chair or sofa with a massage stick or egg on top of the pelvis, while the female partner sits astride and uses gravity to rub against each other. One of them shakes, both of them are super comfortable. A more romantic face-to-face encounter would also be a breakthrough for intimacy.

Sex experts recommend "comfortable sex position" 3: Side entry.

According to Elle Chase, sex educator and author of "Curvy Girl Sex," lying on your side can stimulate the anus extensively, the clitoris can be stimulated with your hands or lots of physical affection, and exercisers can grab the buttocks to help maintain balance. Your partner can lift your legs and try different angles. If you prefer deeper penetration, have the person on your body go through your body, or place a pillow over your hips.

Sex experts recommend "comfortable sex position" 4: symmetrical dog crawl

There's a full-length mirror in front of the dog as it climbs. When the erotic vision and the energy of the soul alternate back and forth, the orgasm of the body and mind will come quickly and urgently. Sometimes, close your eyes and enjoy the speed, intensity, and intimate energy of the pose. When you open your eyes, slow down your thrusting and make eye contact with yourself and your partner in the mirror. It's extremely stimulating when intimacy and shame are stimulated at the same time.

Sex experts recommend "comfortable sex position" 5: side scissors.

Kendra Holliday, a sexologist and "passion midwife," thought it was more comfortable than a spoon. The woman was lying on her side with the man behind her. Providing more or less physical contact depending on the Angle, the female partner can easily stimulate the clitoris with her hands.

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