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Whether you're in love or an older couple, you should have the most memorable sex ever! In this article, 20 romantic lovemaking positions, from tender caresses to direct orgasmic oral sex, are sure to make you have a happy orgasmic night!


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Position Recommendation # 1: Missionary

Although this is an ordinary position, but don't underestimate him. With skin-to-skin contact and extremely strong eye contact, missionaries will be a wonderful experience for both of you. Lifting your leg over your partner's shoulder is more stimulating.

Position Recommendation #2:69 Position

69 must be the most classic position for oral sex! By putting your most intimate part close to your partner's face, you can give oral sex and receive oral sex at the same time for absolute physical and mental satisfaction.

Position Recommendation #3: Cut bamboo.

This position is very handy. The woman only needs to raise one leg over her partner's shoulder so they can grab it as they enter, and they can enjoy the beauty of sex together.

Position Recommendation  # 4: Prayer Pose

This position is perfect for the dominant and submissive to exchange affection, making the whole sex more exciting. The recipient sits in a chair with his legs spread apart, while the giver kneels in the middle and performs oral sex.

Position Recommendation #5: Nanny

If you like to turn your partner's face towards your genitals but don't want them to feel pressured, this is the perfect position! Remember to just "hover" over the person's face, not sit down completely.

Position Recommendation #6: Sofa candlestick

It's not the easiest pose, but it's definitely worth a try. Through the support of the sofa, find the most comfortable position for both parties! But make sure your arms are strong enough to support you!

Position Recommendation #7: Cycling position

The superior leans back, swings up and down on the top, supports himself with his arms, and feels the pleasure of sex. At the same time the lower half of the people can have the best view, to induce sexual desire.

Position Recommendation #8: Erotic water cave

This is ideal if you want to risk your ass or anus licking! Especially if you want to clean each other, do it in the shower to turn on the desire. Ask your partner to open their legs and crouch behind them. If you want to provide them with extra stimulation, use a shower head.

Position Recommendation #9: the lap of the wave

Lingbo is an appropriate name because the position will test your flexibility. But once in place, you'll both be addicted to this pose, one of the most orgasmic!

Position Recommendation #10: Sandwich Pose

Like the back of the friends must not strange. Lay on top of each other, feel the intimacy, cross your legs, feel the depth of the relationship!

Position Recommendation #11: The Seeker

Low difficulty but highest reward is Seeker position! One of them sits between the legs of the other and puts their legs over the shoulders of the other to get deeper into the body. Sitting on both sides, plus, you get to see each other sexy!

Position Recommendation #12: Rock the Mustang

Have the shy one sit cross-legged and the shy one sit in front of you so you can both get closer to your body and feel each other's heartbeat!

Position Recommendation #13: Play "Love" and say "Love"

A little hard but definitely worth it! Place the recipient's foot on their chest to create a little space for deeper, stiffer penetration. In addition, the recipient's hands are free to do what they want. Touch each other.

Position Recommendation #14: Whipped cream

If you want to go deeper, try the shoulder position on the floor. Your partner can then grab your ankles and go deep from above. They will be able to control the depth of the thrust and hit your G-spot, while your hands will be free to stimulate your clitoris and enjoy an orgasm.

Position Recommendation #15: G point start

This position is ideal for stimulating the G-spot, as deep and intense penetration is possible. In addition, your partner can reach out and stimulate your clitoris.

Position Recommendation #16: Love seat

In a good simple position, all you have to do is lower yourself to your partner while you both face the same direction, that is, with your back to them. Then, move your body up and down with your hands and feet so that you both feel satisfied.

Position Recommendation #17: Ride in the opposite direction.

This is a good position to stimulate the vagina, anus and clitoris. This position also allows you full control over the speed and depth of the insertion. You can hold a kneeling position for a slow kneading motion, or you can squat deep for a stronger, stiffer, faster insertion. If you want to get more intense, lean back and try to reach your G-spot!

Position Recommendation #18: T position

Lie face down on the bed with your legs hanging to the side. Your partner can then stand behind you and hold your legs while they insert, providing Michelin-starred service to your G-spot.

Position Recommendation #19: knee love

Great for intimate communication and eye contact. Flirting under the knee allows for a slow and gentle rhythm. On top of that, you get plenty of full-body contact.

Position Recommendation #20: Tidal falls

There are many visually stimulating relaxation poses. The other partner sits between your legs and lifts the ankle to your shoulder for easy insertion. Ask your partner to stimulate your clitoris with their fingers or a vibrator to increase stimulation.

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