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Life is short, but in the short life, some things will be longer, such as Coke bubble, bubble tea pearl Q degree, but! Sex is definitely not one of these "very short" categories.

Of course, there are times and places for fast and accurate sex, but for the most part, sex should be enjoyed slowly and not limited by the length of time. Cosmopolitan compiled the following "lasting ways" to have happy sex after a survey on sex found that 82 percent of people were unhappy with how long it lasted. There is no exaggerated folk prescription, very scientific!

Lasting Secrets of Sex 1: Planning your own sex calendar

Mark your calendar for exclusive sex and send an invitation to your Google calendar or time tree. It has a sense of ritual, letting each other know that they won't be interrupted at all. Make time for sex with your partner instead of being interrupted by last-minute calls or texts.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 2: Practice deep breathing

Sexologists suggest practicing deep breathing to let the energy flow through the body and deeply feel the intensity of the lower body. Breathing can add orgasms all over your body. Practice breathing cycles. Whether it's qigong or weight loss or sex, human tantra is probably all about breathing.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 3: Sex is more than penetration

Everyone has a different definition of sex, but remember that penetration is just one of the processes, not the whole story. Sex can involve long periods of foreplay, kissing, massage, caressing, etc. An adequate "on" schedule also makes orgasms more likely to occur. At the same time, sex does not end after one's orgasm, and the aftertaste is more memorable.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 4: Lower the excitement level

Men are more easily stimulated than women, and when men are excited, they can't stop ejaculating, so they can reduce their arousal, perhaps by reducing the number of times they touch their sexual organs, and so on.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 5: The plug-in

Penis rings are not necessarily the best method, but some people really do "open the plugin" after lasting longer. These "plug-in tools" work by restricting blood flow to the front of the penis, thereby prolonging erection.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 6: Meditate

Get into the habit of meditating, focusing on your body and avoiding distractions. At the same time, you can practice focusing on the sexual process.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 7: Focus on your partner

If you feel "coming," put on the brakes and focus on your partner's pleasure. Take a moment to calm down, then fondle and kiss your date to make her more happy. If the cooling continues, the firepower will generally double.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 8: Diligence can make up for weakness

If premature ejaculation is not related to a medical problem, do it more often. For some couples, it may be a matter of endurance, just as muscle endurance is somewhat similar and can be built up with practice. Men who are not in the habit of cleaning their guns will soon disarm when they carry them into battle (the excitement is overwhelming), so men can try to develop the habit of "cleaning their guns".

Lasting Secrets of Sex 9: Toys instead


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This may seem like self-deception, but as long as you're both having an orgasm, it's perfectly harmless. He quits just before orgasm, enters with a massage stick, and they climax again.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 10: Watch out for foreplay

By shortening the duration of intercourse slightly and allowing the other person to get into the "on" state, sex can be prolonged and loving.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 11: Masturbate before sex

A gun left untouched for a long time is easiest to clean, and sex without masturbation is like a loaded gun. Ejaculating an hour or two early can make it difficult for anyone to ejaculate any time soon. After masturbation, you can turn it on again with your partner's slow, intimate foreplay, and you can better adjust your sexual rhythm.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 12: The second round was more satisfying.

It doesn't have to end after orgasm. Many men become less sensitive after the second erection, so why not wait? The second round will be even better.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 13: Try something new

After being with the same partner for a long time, the habitual posture causes them to get into a state of inertia, so the body also has an expectation of the approximate time of orgasm. Added new poses, items and stories. Something new can lower your partner's attention for longer.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 14: Pulling back from the brink

When the climax is over, ask your partner to stop for a minute or so before continuing. Every individual has a "high point," like a burning point, but the body can be trained to delay that point, and for longer, says sexologist Ian Kerner.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 15: Squeeze the base of the penis

Using your hands or a prop, press gently on the base of your partner's penis to physically prevent ejaculation. It's like a hose being pressed, but notice how your partner feels and how hard.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 16: Do Kegels and yoga together.

Kegel sports are not just for women! Kegel exercises, yoga, and Pilates strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and also help control orgasms.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 17: Vertical position

This posture avoids the most sensitive areas of the genitals, which is both comfortable and pleasurable, while keeping the other person from being embarrassed.

Lasting Secrets of Sex 18: Drug Aid

Premature ejaculation does have a big impact on a relationship, and medicine is part of the solution. However, it is strongly recommended that you consult a professional urologist when taking medicine, and don't believe exaggerated advertising effects. Physicians can try to identify problems and come up with effective solutions.

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