Sex Toy Dildos

Lesbians who love to be full,but don't necessarily try dildos or wearable phalluses, the temperature is dropping, want to heat up your sex?

Here's how to push your sex toys to the limit:

1. Find the perfect dildo:

Material, size, color and shape are all important to choose. Discuss them properly and choose the right toy for you and your partner to make your sex life complete.

2. Get used to it:

Put on your hard stuff and get used to how it feels. Don't jump on the bed and rush. Let your partner get used to it.

3. Don't forget foreplay:

Kiss your lover, caress her, get her turned on, soaked, and slowly enter her.

4. Prepare safety measures:

Put a condom on your dildo and use plenty of lubricant. Even if your partner already looks like they're wetting the bed, the more slippery and wet they get, the happier they'll be.

5. Take it slow and fast:

Get the Angle right, make it straight, let your partner's reaction determine your performance, control your speed, depth, wildness, softness, and look for harmony in the bedroom.

6. Change positions:

While the traditional missionary position allows you to observe the other person's expression, the dog position allows you to get deeper into her. Try anything until you are exhausted.

7. Use your hands:

Remember foreplay? Make an effort to increase skin contact at this point, not only to let her enjoy sex, but also to show how much you want her.

Note:If you are in the habit of sharing your penis, please use a condom!