Sex Toys Online

One of the biggest concerns about buying sex toys is whether it will change your relationship. Yes, this is a legitimate concern for many reasons. So, here are some relationship problems that sex toys can cause.

Am I being replaced by a sex toy?

Men, in particular, may feel they are being replaced by sex toys. This can stimulate low self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom. Therefore, it is important to assure your partner that they are truly fulfilling all of your sexual needs and desires. Using sex toys is the icing on the cake, enhancing his (or her) rock-like sexuality.

Does my partner think I'm a monster?

Worried that your new boyfriend or girlfriend will think you're a freak for using sex toys? Trust me, you're not alone! But what you do when you first start out on your own is none of their business. Imagine you meet a sexy girl: "Hi, I'm John! I have an inflatable lover at home. I hope this doesn't bother you!"

In fact, you should save the topic of sex toys for later, after you know their favorite ice cream, movies, and religion. Once you decide to become intimate, then you can openly discuss your use of sex toys, adding that you use them instead of messing around. That would kill the theme. Bonus points!

My lover always wanted to use sex toys!

If your lover insists on pulling out vibrators, handcuffs, whips, and beginner's butt plugs every time they make out with you, there's a problem. Over-reliance on toys may mean your partner may be addicted to sex. In this case, they should seek psychological counseling. Or, most likely, they are not confident in their sexual abilities.

So if your biggest concern is overuse of sex toys, the best thing to do is to sit down (outside the bedroom) and have a heart-to-heart discussion. Also, convince your lover that you like their body and what they're doing to you. Finally, let them know that you like to have sex with them alone by keeping all gadgets and sex toys in the drawer of your nightstand.