So what makes the sex machine so great? They're too expensive. Are they really that much better than small hand-held sex toys?

I'm glad you asked. Here are some major benefits that make the damn machine worth the extra investment.



When you use a dildo or vibrator, you are controlling insertion, which means your hands are tied. The sex machine takes care of that for you, and you can use them to explore your body, rub your clitoris, twist your nipples, or whatever else you want to do with them.

Another advantage of hands-free is that it's easier. Do your arms feel tired after using a dildo for a few minutes? I bet they will. Nobody needs this, right? Fortunately, it's not about the sex machine.



Using the sex machine adds a whole new element of realism to your self-love process.  It gives you the feeling that you've been fucked.  

A personal dildo does not do this.  No matter how powerful your imagination, you are all too aware that you are in control.  



I said at the beginning of this guide that sex machines are better than real sex, and I'm not lying. Don't get me wrong, having sex with your partner is great, but you don't have nearly as much control over a machine as you do.

Using a sex machine allows you to say exactly how you like it. It's like having a partner who knows how to press all the right buttons to get your toes to curl and get it right every time. You just have to tell it what you want. If you buy the right machine, you can control everything from the pressure and speed to the mode of propulsion and more.



I love masturbation. It allows us to explore our bodies, learn more about our likes and dislikes, and improve our sexual awareness in general. It's better to do this with a fucking machine because it simulates real penetrative sex.

When you use it, you'll know how you like to be plugged in, which will help you get more pleasure out of sex. You'll find out what you're interested in and be able to communicate it to your future sexual partners.



Speaking of partners, you can also use your sex machine with them. Some couples are happy to see their partner using the sex machine. It's a great way to try something new and bring some extra excitement into the bedroom.

There are other reasons you might want to use it on your partner as well. For example, if he suffers from severe erectile dysfunction or some other condition that prevents him from working, it could provide you with a way to deal with it and be intimate with it. Note: Penile rings and penile pumps can also help with erectile dysfunction.

This is also good for long-distance couples. Use a damn machine while your partner watches video chats far better than phone sex.



Another advantage of the sex machine is that it completely eliminates the need for a partner. If you love sex, but you don't want the hassles of a relationship or the risks of NSA sex, a damn machine is your new best friend.

You can have a real sexual experience without any risk of STDs, pregnancy or heartache.



Men can put a male masturbator at the end of the sex machine for awesome hands-free masturbation. This machine will push and pull the masturbator on your axis for incredible, real thrillers.



Fucking machines make great bundling toys. If you and your partner are both interested in BDSM, for example, one of you can tie the other up and insert them with a sex machine (with consent, obviously). You have to decide on a safe word beforehand.



Sex machines are just another example of how robots have made us redundant. Sex machines can penetrate faster and more powerfully than real men. So you can use them to really broaden your sexual horizons and experience feelings that you and your partner can't recreate.



The final advantage of the machine is that it gives you a good way to practice. If you are inexperienced, nervous or lacking in confidence in bed, you can use a sex machine to gain confidence and experience before you actually have sex.