We know! One orgasm may seem like an incredible feat, but are we talking about multiple? Before we get started, let's take comfort in the fact that yes, you are definitely capable of multiple orgasms. But, like any physical activity, it takes a little time to get to know your body, as well as some tips and tricks.#sex machine



"More than one orgasm in a single session," explains sexologist Dr Jess O 'Reilly, an expert on sex and relationships. These orgasms can occur consecutively or at intervals. If this is an untouchable experience for you, let's reiterate that everyone can have multiple orgasms. We can't say exactly how much you can do, because it depends on: your anatomy, what you like in the bedroom, and how you relate to yourself.

 sex machine


Most people with a vulva can reach five orgasms at a time, and the reason is that the time is short: your body needs to rest when your genitals don't respond to stimulation after orgasm. On the other hand, people with penises have a longer refractory period. That is, they can have five orgasms, but not all of them are ejaculations (due to the aforementioned refractory period). Fortunately, this does not eliminate feelings of pleasure or release.

Here are some helpful tips to boost your sexual pleasure and extend your "O" to "OOOOO+."



  • Prepare your pelvic floor:
  • Yes! This part requires some physical activity outside of the bedroom. Especially if you have a vagina: Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor. Squeeze the muscles you use to hold urine, hold for two seconds, and then release. Repeat this several times a day to make your body stronger -- the more you work your Kegel muscles, the more blood will flow! This helps arousal and more intense orgasms.

  • Practice your process: 
  • Each sexual encounter is followed by waves of sensations, culminating in a climax of pleasure. Practice reaching the peak of these waves and stopping just before the release point (this is also called the edge!). This will help your body learn a steady rhythm and stay in a highly aroused place, leading to a pattern of multiple orgasms.


  • Synchronous: 
  • Breathing can really enhance your experience. During orgasm, try taking deep breaths while relaxing your PC muscles. If you're with your partner, synchrony breathing can get you out of your mind, feel more in the moment and increase your happiness.


  • Relax: 
  • Enjoying life is the ultimate goal, no matter what the climax is. While it's easy to get caught up in work, responsibilities, etc., take a deep breath and focus on the present moment. Pause between orgasms to help you stay in the moment.


  • Practice makes pleasure: 
  • It's easy to get frustrated sometimes, but remember, sex is supposed to be fun! Take your time and simply enjoy the moment. Do this as many times as you want and soon you'll be having multiple orgasms at once.


  • Sex Machine: 
  • Use it with a partner or try it yourself! Sex machines have come a long way and now offer a wide variety of designs to satisfy you from all angles. Try new fun poses and enjoy the intense stimulation that you can come back to again and again.


    As you bring all this information into your world, remember to enjoy the process.  As our dear friend Goody Howard says, "Pleasure is the process of reaching an orgasm."  

    #sex machine